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Here’s a very quick review on the new Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara!

Maybelline New York has already left the impression to me that their beauty expertise cannot escape mascara. When you visit the Maybelline cosmetic counter or some sort in watsons or guardian, you will observe that 30% are foundation (compact powder, bb cream, liquid foundation etc), 30% mascaras and the rest are miscalleneous cosmetics like eyeliners, brow pencil and so on. 

Maybelline New York Mascara can safely exceed more than a number 10! When I went to purchase this Rocket Mascara, I saw many other options available. 

Alright, what is so good about this Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara?


Apparently and obviously, the mascara brush is very different from the usual ones we see. The revolutionary ultra-sonic brush, which looks rather like tiny ‘thorns’, are really effective in brushing your lashes to keep them clean and less clumpy. They are actually micro bristles that are latched onto a rigid core, which allow easy application from your lash root to the tip. You know how mascara usually make your lashes clump together like some uncanny cockroach legs right. 


Here’s a before and after application of the mascara and I believe it’s unspoken to see which is which.. 

Here’s my PEDU analysis: 

1. Price

Priced at a promotional price of $18.90 for it’s new introduction to the market, I think it’s pretty alright because the same level competitors’ mascaras are just a little less pricey. Besides, I think Maybelline has a good reputation in mascaras! 

2. Effectiveness

Okay, let’s be straightforward. The rocket mascara aims to achieve 3 different effects – Lengthening, clump-free and smudge-proof. 

Lengthening: I would say many mascaras under Maybelline can easily lengthen your lashes, so I don’t see anything unique about it. 

Clump-free: Well this is pretty amazing because indeed, the lashes are less clumped together and look less like cockroaches’ legs. In fact it gives rather clean and neat lashes! 

Smudge-proof: I tried rubbing my eyes once very lightly and it seems like the mascara coating did not fall off, nor did they ‘dirty’ my eye area making them blackish. BUT here’s the downside. If I rub slightly harder (which is probably what you would do if you forgot you are wearing makeup), the lashes will stick together a little, and some residues will fall off, like the photo shown below. 


Left: Mascara residues fell off, lashes clumped together a little and my eyebags are slightly darkish.

**Please bear in mind this occurs when I rub my eyes a little harder**

3. Durability

There’s no mention that the mascara can last for long hours, so I won’t comment under this. 

But my lashes are able to stay in their curved position for quite some time. 

4. Uniqueness

Well I would say my view on this mascara is that there’s nothing VERY unique about it, but it does really help in making the lashes neater and less clumpy. For the lengthening part, I believe other Maybelline’s mascaras like the Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara can very well lengthen the lashes better.

The mascara can be easily removed too, which I think is a rather good point!


I have single eyelids, and HALF of my lashes are covered underneath my upper eyelid the moment I open my eyes, so I can barely see my lashes. 

If you would like to know more about Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara, visit



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