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It’ll be damn stupid if I were to ask you “Have you experienced bad hair days before?” 

Because the very obvious reason is, everyone definitely has! 

I would kind of describe my hair as natural wavy, not to the extent curl but very wavy. Sometimes it gets so wavy that it pokes out, which is very unsightly. To make things worse, my hair was never smooth so you see a lot of frizzy hair poking out as well. 


But no more sad faces girls! Because Liese is here with a new Enhance Styling Series! 

Photo credits to Kao
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Photo credits to Kao 

I was happy to be sponsored this two new product under the belt that contains the above 4 new products. I picked these two because it suits my hair, which I’ve described to you earlier on. 

IMG 3986
Urgh ignore the messy hair. I can’t stand it sometimes as well.

IMG 4000

IMG 3947
The sponsor very nicely packed the products with a brush! ^_^ 


You will need these simple things only:

IMG 3967 IMG 3969

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The detailed description on how to use the product

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To start off, please comb your hair to remove any tangled hair. 

IMG 4003 IMG 4002

Go on, laugh at the hair because.. I am laughing at the messy hair too (lol). 

But do you want to be laughed at when you are out on the streets?

 Erm, how about a no please?

IMG 4011

Good brushes are encouraged because they are soft on your scalp. Sharp brush tips will hurt the scalp or may even scratch your scalp! A good brush allows better combing of hair as well. 


Liese Frizz-Free Styling Milk

IMG 3988 IMG 4027

I used about 2 pumps per side. But make sure you choose the number of pumps based on the need for your hair. Some people have thicker hair so they definitely need more pumps. 

IMG 4029
Apply generously onto hair using your fingers. 
IMG 4035
Left: With Liese Frizz-free Styling Milk
Right: Nothing on

In case you can’t see properly,  

IMG 4043

Judging from the photo, my hair is certainly smoother and looks more moisturized. 


Liese Straight Style Mist 

IMG 4044
I’m just posing with the hand. You can try spraying onto your hand and style your hair, then blow dry it. 

 But you’ll need:

IMG 4050

The  Liese Straight Style Mist performs best with a hair dryer. 

And here is how I acheived a natural curl in hair look. 

liese IMG 4063

Make sure you hold your comb here and blow dry the part longer. If you wish, you can curl in at a higher end. 

The photo was not taken with the hair dryer but please do try to use it with a hair dryer to achieve the maximum efficacy. 

IMG 4062

And the verdict! 

IMG 4054
Left with Liese Frizz-free Styling Milk
Right with  Liese Straight Style Mist

But honestly, I feel that I can use the same combing method with the use of Frizz-Free Styling Milk as well. Perhaps the Straight Style Mist can let my hair hold the curl longer. And here is my PEDU summary of both products! Since I had both products, I’m gonna do a comparison between the two.
Liese+Daily+Enhance+Styling+Series+review And thus, my final vote goes to
Liese Frizz-Free Styling Milk

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Hope you liked this review! 

Spent quite long to produce this post 🙁 

Stay beautiful girls!


Celine (HY)

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