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First of all, today’s product review will be quite different because we are not dealing with safe and earthy coloured eyeliners like brown and black, but we’re dealing with exciting and vibrant colours! 

Introducing to you, Etude House Color Pop Eye Liner! 

IMG 6353+copy They come in 10 vibrant colours, and thanks to CozyCot, I received 8 colors out of the ten! IMG 6339 IMG 6338

I love their cute simple design, adorned with polka dots!

IMG 6349

They don’t have names for the different colours, but only the colour code. Eg: OR202 

IMG 6354 To unseal, you have to remove the sticker
IMG 6359

Etude House Color Pop Eye Liner are vibrant colored creamy waterproof eyeliner. And by saying creamy, I really meant it because it glides onto my eyelid so so well and easily. They are creamier than crayons! 

Here are the eyeliner swatches for the 8 colours I have.

IMG 6368

If you have noticed, some colours have glitter elements in it while some are matte

Glitter colours are: YL101, GR701, PK103, OR201, RD303

Matte colours are: PK102, OR202, BR403


You can use the matt colours for a less dramatic appearance. However, I do notice matt colours are a little harder to apply than the glittered ones. But then again, both are generally easy to apply. 

Here’s the 10 colours! 

Etude+House+Color+Pop+Drawing+show+creamy+pencil+colors drawing show creamy pencil 11 large

Here’s my verdict about the Etude House Color Pop Eye Liner 

1. Line your upper lash line 

2. Line your lower lash line 

1. Contains coconut oil and vitamin E to nourish 
and moisturize eye rims 

2. Extremely waterproof for water activities 

3. Glides on lash line easily (easy application)

4. Smudge resistant for humid weather 

5. Comes in 10 vibrant colours 

1. Exotic colours do not suit every one & every occasions, hence hard to match  

2. Not suitable for people who do not dare to use vibrant coloured eyeliners

3. Slightly sticky after applied on the eyelid 

Both a pro and con: It has to be sharpened

IMG 6423

Why do I say this aspect is both a pro and con? Well, it’s definitely troublesome because whenever it gets blunt, you have to sharpen it. But I personally prefer pencil than retractable eye liners/brow liners because I can make the tip sharp enough for sharper edge. So it really depends on personal preference. 

Water test

Since I said the Etude House Eye Liner is waterproof, let’s have a water test.

I used a wet cotton pad to rub again the swatches, and nothing happened. Literally nothing. It’s really waterproof. 

IMG 6736

Trying it out 

I have monolids which makes applying eyeliner an extremely tough task, so please pardon the following tryouts.
Nonetheless, it’s always about practicing makes perfect!

Using BR403 and OR202
Using PK102 and YL101
YL101 used in the inner corners and lower water lash line to brighten the eye 
Using PK103 and OR201 OR201 is used nearer along the upper lash line

My favorite combination! 

Removing it 

Similarly, I tried to see if removing the eyeliner will end up very smudgy and messy.

It turned out that, the removal process is super easy and clean, with the use of one cotton pad only.

IMG 6386 IMG 6394

All in all, if you would like to play with vibrant colours to brighten up your everyday dull makeup, you can try out the Etude House Color Pop Eye Liner! 

IMG 6412 IMG 6407 Thank you CozyCot for such cutesy artsy eyeliners! Hope this review has somehow let you know more about Etude House Color Pop Eye Liner! Stay beautiful,


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