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Exploring The Beautiful Beaches Of Ban Krut, Thailand

Dreaming of sun, sand, and sea? The tranquil beaches of Ban Krut in Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan Province might just be your perfect getaway. This coastal gem is popular among Bangkok Thais and boasts five unique beaches packed with activities to keep you mesmerized.

Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the best ways to explore Ban Krut, from choosing the right accommodation to discovering must-see sights. Dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Ban Krut in Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan Province is a hidden gem with beautiful beaches that attract both locals and tourists.
  • The top attractions in Ban Krut include Hat Ban Krut and Bo Thong Lang Bay, which offer serene and picturesque beach experiences.
  • Must – see sights in Ban Krut include Wat Thang Sai, Phraphut Kiti Sirichai, Wat Khao Tham Ma Rong, and Wat Tham Kiriwong.
  • Outdoor activities like bike trips along the coastal roads are popular in Ban Krut. Additionally, visitors can enjoy annual events such as the Loy Krathong Festival.

Location and Getting to Ban Krut

A vibrant sunset view of <a href=Bo Thong Lang Bay with diverse individuals and a bustling atmosphere.” title=”A vibrant sunset view of Bo Thong Lang Bay with diverse individuals and a bustling atmosphere.” class=”awimage” />

Ban Krut sits on the Northern Gulf Coast of Thailand. It is about 160 km south of Hua Hin. You can get here by taking a trip on the Beach Road. This road runs side by side with a long beach that spans 12 km.

The Bo Thong Lang Bay is close to Ban Krut too, just 18 kilometers to its south. This bay is a must-see spot for anyone who visits this place. Many people from Bangkok come to Ban Krut to rest and have fun especially during weekends and holidays.

If you love beaches and peaceful places, put Ban Krut at the top of your list!

Southern Thailand: Ban Krut Beach

Accommodation Options in Ban Krut

A couple enjoying a romantic beachfront dinner at Ban Krut Resort.Ban Krut Resort is a top spot to stay. Guests enjoy beach views from their rooms. The resort also has a pool and free bikes for guests to use. Free parking makes it easier for travelers with cars.

Boons Bungalow Ban Krut is another good place near Ban Krut Beach. Staying here means you can walk right to the beach! For business or fun, Suan Ban Krut Beach Resort suits all kinds of travelers.

All these places have Wi-Fi and parking at no extra cost.

Another Secret Quiet Paradise In Thailand Ban Krut บ้านกรูด

The Beautiful Beaches of Ban Krut

A diverse group of friends enjoy playing beach volleyball in a bustling atmosphere on a sunny day.

Experience the sun, sand, and serenity at Hat Ban Krut and Bo Thong Lang Bay – two picturesque beaches that will leave you in awe of the coastal beauty of Ban Krut.

One minute in Ban Krut | THAILAND | บ้านกรูด

Hat Ban Krut

A woman enjoying a peaceful walk on the beach in Hat Ban Krut, showcasing different outfits and hairstyles.

Hat Ban Krut is a quiet, peaceful beach. It lies between Thap Sakae and Bang Saphan. This place does not see many people. So, it stays clean and untouched most of the time.

The view from Hat Ban Krut is special too! You can look out from the top of Thong Chai mountain. It’s one sight you won’t want to miss.

So if you like calm, serene places, visit Hat Ban Krut. Its beauty will give you joy for sure.

Bo Thong Lang Bay

Couples stroll hand in hand along a sandy beach in a vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

Bo Thong Lang Bay is one of the beautiful beaches in Ban Krut, Thailand. Located in the Bang Saphan District of Prachuap Khiri Khan province, this bay is known for its stunning beaches and clear blue waters.

It is a popular destination for snorkeling and exploring colorful coral reefs. Situated mid-way between Amphoe Thap Sakae and Bang Saphan, Bo Thong Lang Bay offers a peaceful and picturesque setting for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand’s coastline.

If you’re planning a visit, consider staying at Suan Bankrut Beach Resort, which is a popular accommodation option near Bo Thong Lang Bay.

Must-See Sights in Ban Krut

A photo of Wat Tham Kiriwong at sunset surrounded by lush greenery, capturing its serene and bustling atmosphere.

Experience the spiritual beauty of Wat Thang Sai, marvel at the intricate architecture of Phraphut Kiti Sirichai, explore the caves and temples of Wat Khao Tham Ma Rong, and be enchanted by the natural wonder of Wat Tham Kiriwong.

Discover these hidden gems in Ban Krut that will leave you mesmerized.

Wat Thang Sai

A group of Buddhist monks meditating in front of a golden Buddha statue at Wat Thang Sai.

Wat Thang Sai is a Buddhist temple located north of Ban Krut Beach on top of Thong Chai Mountain. Constructed in 1996, this temple is a must-visit destination for those interested in exploring the local culture of Thailand.

The highlight of Wat Thang Sai is its 15-meter tall golden Buddha, which stands proudly overlooking the beautiful beaches of Ban Krut. From the temple’s viewpoint, visitors can enjoy a tremendous view of the bay and the surrounding area.

It’s a scenic spot that offers both cultural enrichment and breathtaking natural beauty.

Phraphut Kiti Sirichai

The Phraphut Kiti Sirichai statue is captured in a lush and vibrant setting, portraying a sense of majesty and tranquility.

Phraphut Kiti Sirichai is a magnificent golden statue located in the coastal town of Ban Krut, Thailand. This Buddhist temple is considered one of the most beautiful and significant landmarks in the country.

The stunning golden statue stands tall and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is a must-see sight when exploring the beautiful beaches of Ban Krut. With its scenic beauty and cultural significance, Phraphut Kiti Sirichai offers visitors a unique experience that combines spirituality with natural surroundings.

Don’t miss out on this historical monument and religious treasure during your visit to Ban Krut!

Wat Khao Tham Ma Rong

A stunning image of the impressive stupa surrounded by majestic trees at Wat Khao Tham Ma Rong.

One of the must-see sights in Ban Krut is Wat Khao Tham Ma Rong, a Buddhist temple. Located in Ban Krut, Thailand, this temple is surrounded by large and beautiful old trees on its grounds.

You can explore the temple’s caves where bats live. It’s quite an experience! The highlight of Wat Khao Tham Ma Rong is its impressive 50-meter-tall stupa. This stupa was completed in 2005 and stands as a symbol of peace and tranquility in the area.

Wat Tham Kiriwong

A serene Buddhist monk meditates amidst beautiful Buddha statues in a bustling temple.

Located in Ban Krut, Thailand, Wat Tham Kiriwong is a significant cave shrine that is worth visiting. Unlike other temples in the area, Wat Tham Kiriwong is not an elaborate structure but rather a simple cave adorned with beautiful Buddha statues.

This unique site offers a tranquil and spiritual atmosphere for visitors to explore.

As you enter the cave, you will be greeted by the sight of numerous Buddhist sculptures lining the walls. These intricately crafted statues are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hold great religious significance.

Many locals and tourists come here to pay their respects and offer prayers.

Wat Tham Kiriwong is considered a sacred place for Buddhists and serves as a pilgrimage spot for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. It’s also a cultural attraction that showcases the rich religious heritage of Thailand.

Outdoor Activities in Ban Krut

A group of cyclists ride along the scenic coastal roads of Ban Krut, capturing the beauty of the fishing village and Gulf of Siam.

Enjoy leisurely bike trips along the scenic coastal roads of Ban Krut, exploring the charming fishing village of Thong Chai and taking in breathtaking views of the Gulf of Siam.

Bike Trips

A cyclist rides along a scenic coastal road with a beautiful beach backdrop.

Bike trips in Ban Krut are a fun way to explore the beautiful beaches in the area. You can rent a bike for just 100 baht per day, making it an affordable option. One popular bike route is from Ban Krut Beach to Bo Thong Lang Bay, which is about 18 kilometers long.

Along the way, you’ll be treated to stunning coastal views and have plenty of opportunities to stop and take pictures. If you’re not comfortable biking on your own, there are organized tours available, including a road bike tour from Bangkok to Phuket that passes through Ban Krut.

So grab a bike and get ready for an outdoor adventure in Ban Krut!

Annual Events and Festivals

A diverse group of people wearing colorful traditional costumes celebrate at a cultural festival.

Experience the vibrant and magical Loy Krathong Festival, where you can join in on the festivities of floating lanterns and decorated boats on the beach.

Loy Krathong Festival

Loy Krathong is a special festival celebrated in Thailand and other South Western Tai cultures. It’s also called the Festival of Lights because people make or buy decorated baskets called krathongs and float them on water.

This ancient tradition takes place on the full moon of the 12th lunar month, usually in November. During Loy Krathong, Thais pay respect to the Goddess of Water and the Buddha by offering their krathongs as a form of worship.

The festival includes beauty pageants that are inspired by legends associated with Loy Krathong. It’s believed that this beautiful celebration originated in Sukhothai, an ancient city located in northern Thailand.

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Recommended Places to Eat in Ban Krut

A couple enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner at an outdoor beachfront restaurant.

If you’re looking for good places to eat in Ban Krut, there are a few options that come highly recommended. One of them is Cafe Del Mar, which has received positive reviews from visitors.

People appreciate the great service, convenient location, and delicious food at this restaurant. Another recommended dining option is Lis Restaurant, where you can enjoy Asian and Thai cuisine.

The flavors and variety of dishes make it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. If you’re craving Italian or pizza, Kasama’s Pizza Restaurant is the place to go. Their tasty pizzas and Italian dishes have earned them a spot on the list of recommendations in Ban Krut.

Overall, these recommended restaurants offer a range of cuisines to satisfy different tastes. From Thai specialties to international delights like pizza and Italian dishes, there’s something for everyone in Ban Krut’s dining scene.

So be sure to check out Cafe Del Mar, Lis Restaurant, and Kasama’s Pizza Restaurant for some memorable meals during your visit!

Popular Hotels in Ban Krut

A group of friends relax by the pool, enjoying drinks at a popular hotel in Ban Krut.

If you’re looking for popular hotels in Ban Krut, Thailand, there are several options to consider. Suan Ban Krut Resort is a centrally located beach resort that offers comfortable accommodations.

BAN KRUT RESORT is another great choice, as it is a beachfront hotel located at the end of the main beach road. For those who prefer beach hotels, Wandee Resort Bankrut, Sirarun Resort, and Bangsaphan Resort are all featured options.

If you want highly rated beach hotels near Ban Krut, check out The Theatre Villa and D Varee Diva Ban Krut in Bang Saphan. Other top hotels in the area include My Home Resort Bangsaphan, The Chala Resort, Bankrut Green View, Nanachart Beach Home, and Sea Ocean Boutique Resort.

You might also consider staying at Suan Bankrut Beach Resort if you want to be near Ban Krood Beach.

Tips for Exploring Ban Krut

A picturesque beach with clear waters, palm trees, and a bustling atmosphere captured in high-resolution photography.

To make the most of your visit to Ban Krut, here are some helpful tips. Firstly, don’t miss out on exploring the beautiful coastline and pristine beaches that this charming fishing village has to offer.

Take in the stunning architecture of temples like Wat Thang Sai and Phraphut Kiti Sirichai. For outdoor enthusiasts, consider going on bike trips to discover more of Ban Krut’s scenic beauty.

If you’re visiting during a special event or festival like Loy Krathong Festival, make sure to plan your trip accordingly as it can get crowded. When it comes to dining options, there are plenty of recommended places to eat in Ban Krut where you can sample delicious Thai cuisine.

As for accommodations, you have a range of resort options to choose from that cater to different budgets. And if you need any last-minute essentials or souvenirs, there are shops available including a convenient 7-Eleven store.

Enjoy exploring all that Ban Krut has to offer!


A stunning sunset over the turquoise waters of Ban Krut beach, featuring a diverse group of individuals.

In conclusion, Ban Krut is a tropical paradise that offers the perfect combination of sun, sand, and sea. With its beautiful beaches, tranquil surroundings, and charming resorts, it’s no wonder why this hidden gem is becoming a popular destination in Thailand.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the pristine shores or explore the cultural sights nearby, Ban Krut has something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the coastal beauty of Ban Krut!


1. Are the beaches in Ban Krut suitable for swimming?

Yes, the beaches in Ban Krut are suitable for swimming with calm and clear waters.

2. Is it safe to explore the beaches of Ban Krut alone?

Yes, exploring the beaches of Ban Krut alone is generally safe as it is a popular tourist destination with a low crime rate. However, it’s always good to take necessary precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

3. What are some activities you can do at the beautiful beaches of Ban Krut?

You can enjoy activities such as sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, beach volleyball, or simply relaxing by the shore and enjoying the scenic views.

4. Can I find accommodations near the beaches in Ban Krut?

Yes, there are various accommodations available near the beaches in Ban Krut including resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and beachfront villas catering to different budgets.

5. Are there restaurants or food options available near the beaches in Ban Krut?

Yes, there are plenty of restaurants and food options available near the beaches in Ban Krut where you can try delicious Thai cuisine as well as international dishes.

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