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If you’ve been to Australia before, you most probably had came across their largest pie chain – Pie Face. With different amusing facial expressions on the pies representing different pie flavours, I’m sure one won’t forget it after seeing it once. Like many, I was very excited to be trying out Pie Face, who has just entered Singapore and land itself comfortably at 313 Somerset.


Like how I’ve instagrammed, yesterday night was exactly a #pie affair.  Pie Face is a leading micro-bakery cafe from Australia with more than 80 stores around the world! Last night, we tried not only the four famous savoury flavours but also the sweet pie renditions.


Be sure to catch this Sydney-headquartered micro-bakery cafe, which is well known for their gourmet pies baked from scratch. The best part of their pies is that they do not use minced meat as the fillings, but rather big chunky meats to make sure you get what you expect. 

Usually, I have to made a decision and decide which of the four is my favourite – Chunky Steak Pie ($5.20), Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($4.90), Thai Chicken Curry Pie ($4.90) and Tandoori Vegetable Pie ($4.90). Unfortunately or fortunately, I really can’t make a choice because they are all of different flavours and they are good for its own. I can’t decide, I just love all four flavours!

For thai food lovers, you’ll definitely love the green curry rendition in the Thai Chicken Curry Pie ($4.90). If you’re an Indian Spice lover, then go for the Tandoori Vegetable Pie ($4.90) for that burst of Indian spices. Of course, steak fanatics should know what to go for, especially when the name already put it so explicitly that you’ll find yourself chunky steak pieces in the pie – Chunky Steak Pie ($5.20)

Chicken and Mushroom pie ($4.90)

 The Chicken Mushroom Pie taste exactly like mushroom soup in a pie, with big chunky chicken bits that give that extra bite. 

Pie Face’s Cheesestick (foreground) and Almond stick with icing sugar (background). 

This might be a little bias but between the two, my favourite has got to be the cheesestick. Topped with cheddar cheese, the cheese stick was baked and it’ll be best to eat while it’s served hot. 

Pie Face’s Croissant 

 Like how the rest have commented, their croissant could have been better if it’s more buttery. But I thought the crispy crust and fluffy layers were good enough for me. It’s decent enough for a good old plain croissant. 


Sweet pies include: 

Mini Lemon Pie ($3.30)

Mini Pecan Pie ($3.30)

Mini Chocolate Pie ($3.30)

Mini Strawberry Pie ($3.30)

pie%2Bface%2Bsg pieface1

 Perhaps grab a cup of latte when you have your pie because I’m told that lattes pair perfectly well with the pies! Prices for coffee start from $4.00 only. 


PIE FACE Singapore

313 Somerset 


10am to 10pm

Bugis Village 

249 Victoria Street 

10am to 10pm

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