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DSCF7587 In my previous two posts I shared with you the specification of ASUS Zenfone Max and the unboxing of the phone itself. Today, this post will tell you more about the phone and of course, a good comparison will determine if this is worth a buy. Read on as I compare the ASUS Zenfone Max with the current iphone 6s that I’m using…

Personally, I like the fact that ASUS Zenfone Max is huge yet not too heavy. Its large screen makes it great for surfing internet, playing games and even watching drama. 


The touch screen is pretty sensitive too. 

DSCF7582 And of course the selfie function that comes with beautification mode. You can even adjust makeup settings on your selfie!

Now let’s do the comparison of ASUS Zenfone Max VS Iphone 6s


ASUS Zenfone Max Iphone 6S Winner
Battery Life Much longer Requires charging twice a day Asus Zenfone Max
Handset size 5.5-inch HD (1280 x 720) display  4.7-inch Retina HD display Asus Zenfone Max
Touch ID No Yes Iphone 6S
In-built memory SD: Up to 64GB 64GB Asus: Able to change
Phone exterior finishing Leather Aluminium Depends!
Price SGD 249 SGD 1218 Asus Zenfone Max

There are of course a lot more ways to compare both phones but I find the following specifications more applicable to my own usage. Very clearly, the ASUS Zenfone Max is a huge fraction of my current iphone 6s price. It comes with a lot more specification and it makes the phone worth each penny. Not only does it come with comparable phone specifications, it also comes with one huge benefit – it’s large battery life capacity. I only foresee a little bit of time needed to get used to using an android phone for those iphone avid users. But for android users, this phone is definitely easy to pick up.

For more of ASUS Zenfone Max spefiications, you can read my previous article.


The ASUS Zenfone Max is also larger than iphone 6s so that it’s great to watch drama on the go. The longer battery life certainly supports the drama fanatic in you! 

The leather finishing on the ASUS Zenfone Max makes it more classy and great to grip as well. Definitely much better than my iphone 6s’ aluminium finishing because it will slip off if I do not put a casing to it. Then again, this can be easily resolved by putting on a phone case. The catch is, I don’t have to for my ASUS Zenfone Max because the leather finishing. No fear of scratches thanks to its Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 too.

DSCF7591 Large screen that makes it easy on the eyes to watch drama. Great for long distance commuters. DSCF7603

At only S$249, I think it’s really worth the buy. I am using this phone whenever I go overseas because of it’s duo-sim cards function. Gone are the days for you to keep switching your sim cards! Not to forget its longer lasting battery life can allow myself not having to charge this phone for days. 

DSCF7611 Thank you ASUS Singapore for making this review possible. Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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