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Ariston%2BInstant%2Bwater%2Bheater11 Few months ago I had the privilege to have a brand new instant water heater installed in our house’s bathroom. I was introduced to Ariston, worldwide leading thermic comfort company. This time round, Ariston is launching its first-ever water heater by top Italian designer in Singapore, and I’m quite stoked by the new designs! Ariston Thermo(Ariston) is the industry’s leading purveyor of heating and water heating solutions. To serve its local customers in Singapore better, it now has has set up its very own team this year to oversee the full gamut of marketing, distribution and after-sales service. That’s good news for you consumers!
Ariston%2BInstant%2Bwater%2Bheater9 The model I installed was under the Instant Water Heater series, model Vero. It comes with a thermostat regulator, auto-flow switch and various power selection. The best of part of it is that it’s splash proof with energy saver attributes! Say no to waste of electricity and efficient usage! Ariston%2BInstant%2Bwater%2Bheater4
As you can tell from the picture, the Ariston instant water heater is really sleek and does look very ‘atas’ hahhahaha. This is only achieved after Ariston collaborating with by top Italian designer Umberto Palermo, as he showcase his creativity to design the next series of water heaters for Ariston. Ariston%2BInstant%2Bwater%2Bheater1 This is a photo of my old water heater which has been there for the past 20 years… time to retire mate! And here’s before and after the Ariston Instant Water Heater was installed.  best%2Binstant%2Bwater%2Bheater%2Bsingapore
water%2Bheater%2Bsingapore This model comes in two colours but I prefer this the most because of its all white design, which complements a modern contemporary bathroom really well. Unfortunately, I’ve stayed in my house for the longest time since I was a baby, so I don’t exactly have a very nice bathroom setting. But fortunately, I have some photos for you to enjoy! ariston%2Bheater
ariston My experience with Ariston Instant water heater Ariston%2BInstant%2Bwater%2Bheater11 To be honest, I am having absolutely no trouble with this heater. First I had the technician to come over to my place and install the instant heater. It was really fuss-free and quick, and he was really efficient. He managed to install the instant water heater within an hour or so and I can start using it! Ariston%2BInstant%2Bwater%2Bheater6
Ariston%2BInstant%2Bwater%2Bheater12 The water heater manages to heat up almost instantly whenever I need a comforting hot shower. And let’s also talk about the showerhead. There are three different ways the water is dispensed, from strong jet to gentle massage. Ariston%2BInstant%2Bwater%2Bheater10 I would definitely recommend Ariston instant water heater for something more trustworthy and long-lasting. Trust a brand that has worldwide presence with 21 production sites in 11 countries, and is being distributed to over 150 countries. It’s of course none other than, Ariston 😉

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