Are There Pickpockets in Singapore? Exploring Safety Measures in the Lion City

Singapore, often hailed as a modern marvel and a haven of safety, boasts a low crime rate and an overall secure environment. However, like any bustling metropolis, it’s not impervious to the cunning tactics of pickpockets.

While Singapore does maintain its reputation as a safe city, the lurking presence of opportunistic pickpockets remains a concern, especially for tourists who may inadvertently fall victim to their schemes.

Understanding Pickpocketing in Singapore

Pickpocketing is a crafty form of theft that relies on stealth and distraction. These adept criminals use various strategies to relieve unsuspecting victims of their possessions. Some of the most prevalent techniques include:

1. The Bump-and-Swipe Method

Pickpockets capitalize on crowded spaces and busy moments to bump into their targets. As victims are momentarily off-guard and distracted by the bump, the pickpocket swiftly extracts valuables from pockets, bags, or purses.

2. Diversion Tactics

Diversions are the pickpocket’s ally. By creating a situation that diverts the victim’s attention – such as dropping an object or spilling a substance – pickpockets generate an opening to steal belongings unnoticed.

3. Sleight of Hand

With skill and precision, pickpockets can sneak their hands into pockets or bags of inattentive victims. This method is particularly effective when the target is preoccupied or needs to be more vigilant about their surroundings.

4. Distraction Devices

Ingenious tools like pens or phones distract victims momentarily, allowing pickpockets to make off with valuables. Victims often remain oblivious until it’s too late to apprehend the thief.

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Are There Pickpockets in Singapore

Hotspots for Pickpocketing in Singapore

While Singapore maintains an enviable record for safety, there are areas where pickpockets tend to be more active due to the heavy foot traffic. These hotspots include:

1. Public Transportation Hubs

The convenience and busyness of Singapore’s public transport systems, including the MRT, buses, and taxis, attract locals and tourists alike – making these hubs prime locations for pickpocketing.

2. Tourist Attraction Centers

Popular tourist destinations like Chinatown, Little India, and Orchard Road, teeming with visitors lost in admiration, also serve as hotbeds for pickpocketing activity.

3. Shopping Malls

Singapore’s world-class shopping centers are magnets for both shoppers and pickpockets. The many stores, distractions, and bustling shoppers create an ideal hunting ground for thieves.

4. Nightlife Spots

Nightclubs and entertainment districts, known for drawing in large crowds seeking fun and excitement, also become hunting grounds for pickpockets who exploit the chaotic atmosphere.

5. Hawker Centers

Even the local culinary havens known as hawker centers are not immune to pickpocketing. As patrons savor delectable dishes, they might unwittingly fall prey to thieves.

Protecting Yourself from Pickpockets

While the specter of pickpocketing looms, there are numerous measures you can adopt to safeguard yourself and your belongings:

1. Vigilance is Key

Maintain situational awareness by staying alert and observant of your surroundings. Keep a watchful eye on your possessions, especially in crowded places.

2. Divide and Conquer

Spread out your valuables across different pockets and bags. By decentralizing your valuables, you reduce the risk of losing everything in one fell swoop.

3. Beware of Back Pockets

Avoid placing wallets or phones in your back pockets, as they are easy targets for skilled pickpockets. Instead, opt for front pockets or secure compartments.

4. Secure Your Bags

Zip up your bags and secure their closures to deter pickpockets. Crossbody bags that can be held close to your body offer an extra layer of protection.

5. Exercise Caution with Strangers

Be wary of anyone who approaches you unexpectedly or attempts to engage you in conversation. Pickpockets often employ social engineering tactics to create opportunities.

6. Immediate Reporting

If you suspect you’ve been a victim of pickpocketing, don’t hesitate to report it to the local authorities. Prompt action can aid in recovering stolen belongings and preventing further incidents.


Singapore’s reputation as a secure city is well-founded, but it doesn’t entirely eradicate the presence of pickpockets. These crafty criminals capitalize on moments of distraction and crowded spaces to relieve unsuspecting victims of their valuables.

While lion city’s proactive security measures are pivotal in minimizing such incidents, tourists, and residents must also remain vigilant.

By staying aware of potential risks, adopting preventive measures, and adhering to safety guidelines, individuals can ensure a secure and enjoyable experience while exploring the vibrant streets of Singapore.


1: How common are pickpocket incidents in Singapore?

While Singapore is generally considered safe with a low crime rate, pickpocketing incidents occur. The frequency of these incidents can vary depending on the time of year, location, and level of tourist activity. Crowded areas such as public transportation, popular tourist spots, and shopping centers tend to have a higher risk of pickpocketing due to the ease of blending in with the crowds.

2: Are locals also at risk of pickpocketing, or is it primarily tourists who are targeted?

While tourists may be more vulnerable due to unfamiliarity with local surroundings and customs, locals are not entirely immune to pickpocketing. Locals can also fall victim to pickpockets, especially in crowded places where thieves can exploit distractions. However, tourists might be perceived as easier targets due to their potential need for familiarity with local safety measures and the environment.

3: What are some signs that I might be a target for pickpocketing?

Pickpockets often look for individuals who appear distracted, disoriented, or engrossed in their phones. If someone bumps into you intentionally or a stranger engages you in a sudden, close conversation, it could be an attempt to divert your attention. Also, if you notice anyone following you closely or exhibiting suspicious behavior, staying alert and taking precautions is a good idea.

4: Are there any legal consequences for pickpocketing in Singapore?

Yes, pickpocketing is considered a crime in Singapore and is punishable by law. The Penal Code includes provisions for theft and related offenses. If caught and convicted, perpetrators could face imprisonment, fines, or both, depending on the severity of the crime. The solid legal framework in Singapore is a deterrent for criminals, contributing to the city’s reputation for safety.

5: Can I rely on surveillance cameras for protection against pickpocketing?

Surveillance cameras are crucial in deterring and solving crimes, including pickpocketing, in Singapore. Many public spaces, transportation hubs, and commercial areas have security cameras. While these cameras can aid in identifying suspects and assisting law enforcement, it’s important to remember that they cannot provide real-time protection.

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