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Do you know that your contact lens’s colour would actually dictate the colour theme of your makeup? Neither do I. It was only when Mr Okazaki demonstrated to us how a different coloured makeup better complements your contact lens’s colour then I realise “wow, the colour does make a difference!”.  All the workshop attendees really had to thank Mr Okazaki, Anna Sui’s Makeup Artist Director for flying to Singapore specially for this makeup workshop. Thanks to his kind advice, I even bought my first Anna Sui Star Lip Stick, and am happily using it every single time (oops!).


With its enthralling scent and absolutely gorgeous packaging and design, Anna Sui’s collection has successfully stolen my heart. Just look at the blusher palette! The floral design and the placement of the colours are designed for you to pick up different colours as you would like. The top left and the middle section can also be used as highlighter, how ingenious! 


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Anna Sui’s Collection 
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Anna Sui’s Lip Stick V, also known as their Star Lip Stick

So recall that I was saying different coloured theme makeup would make a difference in complementing your contact lenses? Here’s the picture of the model with two different coloured lenses on each of her eyes. For brown lenses, try to go for a warmer tone (think coral or earthy shades). For metallic gray or black lenses, go for cooler tones like purple or silver!


It was truly a drastic difference shown on the model’s makeup. I’m so impressed by Mr Okazaki makeup techniques. 

So to introduce you Anna Sui’s new makeup addition, we first have the Anna Sui Loose Powder Foundation.

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No prizes for guessing this right: Anna Sui Loose Powder Foundation definitely has the scent that can bring you through a journey of fantasy. I must say I really love the scent! Not forgetting the fact that the brush brittles are so so soft, it feels so smooth and comfortable when I apply the loose foundation onto my face. 

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Unfortunately, you will have to open up the brush and manually dab the powder from the bottle. It can get quite messy on this so I think this might be something for them to work on. Nevertheless, with some care, this problem isn’t a problem anymore.

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Anna Sui Loose Powder Foundation’s coverage is pretty good, and it doesn’t look flaky or dry when applied onto my skin. Thanks to the very soft brush, applying the foundation seems easier and more even as well. The best part of it? I myself smells great when I apply the foundation! I guess that’s really a thing to look forward to whenever I apply my foundation teehee.


Moving on to my very first purchase, the Anna Sui’s Lip Stick V! 

Anna Sui’s V Lip Stick 600 (coral shade)

Well known for its star-shaped design, the Anna Sui’s Lip Stick V comes with a very smooth and creamy texture, which doesn’t dry up my already chapped lips. When applying onto my lips, it just glides through effortlessly. For my coral shade (600), a different tone can be achieved based on the number of layers I apply. Like I’ve mentioned, Mr Okazaki kindly recommended this shade to me based on my skin tone, and you really gotta believe his wisdom when all my other friends agreed that it looks great on me (haha not self-praising ah!)

Anna Sui’s Lip Stick V, also known as their Star Lip Stick
Anna Sui’s Lip Stick V Swatch


Anna Sui’s makeup collection

Thank you Anna Sui and my blogging BFF, June for the invite! I thought I had one of the best makeup workshops I’ve ever attended. And till now I am still very happy with my purchase! 

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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