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Somehow I’ve been neglecting this blog really too much, not my usual style. 

That’s really because I’ve been too busy…. travelling! -insert evil smile- 

Amsterdam+Travel+Guide Dam+Square
A touristy shot at Dam Square, Amsterdam! 

Life’s pretty good now but very hectic, indeed. I’m trying to clear as many places as I could before the examinations start here in Munich. I have many travel backlogs, not because I don’t have the drafts! I diligently type them on my phone wherever and whenever I can. The main culprits behind are the hundreds and thousands of photos I have to sieve out, and eventually edit before they can come onto this blog. I always try to type out the travelogue on the spot just in case I forget the nitty gritty details, so here goes the guide for Amsterdam! 

Amsterdam+Travel+Guide I+AMSTERDAM+LOGO
Somehow I really like Amsterdam. Probably because it’s the first time I paid for a tour (Red light district tour) and I got a really good tour guide, thankfully. I also spent my third day in Amsterdam alone so I had a lot of time to reflect as I walk in the city of long history. While in Amsterdam, not only do I enjoy rich architectural history and buildings unique to Ams, I also got to understand the stories behind it’s famous Red Light District (legalised prostitution). If you’ve unaware, Amsterdam is shaped like a half sphere that has four half-circles of canal surrounding the central. Very interesting to know, and absolutely easy to navigate around, all on foot.

Day 1 

No one should ever miss the free walking tours if there’s any. We went for the Sandemans free walking tour which started at 11am. It ended at about 2pm and after which the tour guide brought us to the local Dutch restaurant, for of course, some local Dutch food.  Amsterdam+Travel+Guide 1+copy

After our lunch, it’s time to enjoy some scenic views – the windmills! 

We took tram no. 14 to Pontanusstraat. You’ll spot the windmill before the tram comes to a stop. It was funny that when we arrived, what awaited us was only a pathetic windmill that is not working at all. Fret not because I visited the REAL countryside with working windmills at Zaanse Schans, which I’ll cover in the next post! 

Amsterdam+Travel+Guide 2
The windmill IS behind us, if you can spot it. 

Amsterdam+Travel+Guide 4

But a blessing in disguise brought us to this beer brewery. I realize Belgium and Amsterdam are quite similar in terms of their beer culture, and both are different from Germany’s beer halls. Take the cup size for instance, the beers in Amsterdam are served in smaller cups. 

Brouwerij ‘t IJ

Funenkade 7 

1018 AL Amsterdam

Amsterdam+Travel+Guide 3
A cup of fresh beer warms my round round tummy

My friends and I spent some time here at the brewery because it was literally raining cats and dogs. Didn’t help when the wind outside was so strong, it’s totally unbearable to stay outdoors. It was a fun cozy time spent in the brewery, getting to know each other better especially when it was the first time some of us got to meet each other.. 

We idled for a while and the time ticked away really fast. Soon it was 7pm where we arrived at the National Monument situated at Amsterdam’s Dam Square. They have so much day light here in Europe now. It’s still very bright even at 9pm.

Amsterdam+National+Monument+ +Dam+Square
National Monument at Dam Square

We each paid 10euro for the Red Light District Tour and that’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. Our tour guide was one hell of a funny man, and “funny” is probably an understatement. As a professional tour guide, he probably has repeated the jokes several times, but the jokes really made the paid tour less awkward (since we’re talking about sex and prostitution) and even better, worth the money! 

Amsterdam+Travel+Guide red+light+district+tour
The funniest tour guide I’ve ever had – Greet. 

Finally we settled our dinner at some random doner kebab shop since we are some poor, tired and hungry backpackers. Couldn’t afford the atas tapas shops all over the place too. The pizza turns out to be quite decent and to all our surprise, the man actually made the pizza from scratch. 


Stay tuned for Day 2 in Amsterdam because that was my favourite day of my trip. I visited Zaanse Schans and it was an unforgettable experience. I didn’t visit the Tulip Fest in Keukenhof because according to my friends, most tulips have either withered or been cut off, so no point! 

To end off this post with a funny note…


My most unglam moments as I try to climb up the logo HAHAHA. Honestly, it looks simple from far but it’s really scary to stand on top! 

Off to Portugal tonight!! Then, MOROCCO!!! 😀



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