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Ever since Plaza Singapura had its new extension, there are so many new restaurants opened, and I am opened to so much more choices now! 

AMBUSH pasta bar is one of the newly opened outlet, and I thought I could give it a try for one of my casual lunch with my boyfriend, since our school is so near. 

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Their menu is a newspaper-alike form! Quite cute. 

I would say the price here is either on the average side, or even better – slightly lower than average. I am pretty satisfied with their food for the price they offer. 

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Had the temptation to order appetizer, which I usually don’t. 

2013 01 20+12.42.14

And instead of the usual pasta, I decided to try Spanish Paella. 

Ambush has certain weekday promotions which makes it a better reason for you to come! 

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Random, but I am actually composing this blog post in the wee hours now, and I am extremely hungry because I usually eat very little rice for dinner. But I often have to stay up late so as time goes by I get hungrier and hungrier. And guess what? Usually I am blogging about food and it doesn’t help my situation at all….. I am just getting more and more hungry, like right now. Lol. 

The appetizer that I ordered was Bruschetta. I was craving for something sour and thus appetizing, so I thought I would go for this. 

2013 01 20+12.47.02


Toasted Focaccia Bread with Tomato Salsa 


Bad choice bad choice. A couple sitting a few tables away from us ordered Garlic Bread at $2.80, and there was like 4 pieces of the garlic bread per serving. I could even smell the garlic aroma from far! 

And for this bruschetta? $3.50 for a piece, just differing by the tomoto chunks toppings on it. What was worse is that the tomato salsa ruined the toasted garlic bread, making it extremely soggy. 

Nonetheless, the tomato salsa itself was truly appetizing indeed. 

2013 01 20+12.47.43

Bacon and Ham – Cream sauce

Sauteed sliced streaky bacon and picnic ham


Boyfriend ordered this because he was having a sore throat and I banned him from eating anything fried or whatsoever. He likes bacon and ham too so here he goes. 

To me, the cream sauce tasted a little diluted. It was not as creamy and thick like how usually pasta restaurants would. Give you a very relatable example – Pastamania! Pastamania’s carbonara’s cream sauce is really thick and I would usually feel sick after eating for long. But good thing about this dish is that since the cream sauce is not as thick, you don’t really feel sick after eating for long. Pros and cons la huh. 

2013 01 20+12.47.37

Ambush’s Paella

White clams, Mussels, Queen Sacallop, Prawns, Sliced bacon and Sausages 


From the web: Paella is a saffron-flavored Spanish dish made with varying combinations of rice, vegetables, meat, chicken, and seafood.

Ooooh this was good by the way! I’ve never really tried Paella before, and this was my first time. I decided to give it a try because I’ve always liked seafood and tomato sauce. Since this is a combination of both my likings, and I wanted something filling, I went for this! 

This dish has rice cooked in thick tomato sauce. It turned up to be a satisfying dish which was very filling. 

2013 01 20+12.51.50

The place was pretty huge and even if I came during lunch crowd, the place was still pretty vacant. Perhaps it’s due to its recent opening that’s why patrons take some time to come. Meanwhile, try Ambush if you want something new! 

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Hope you liked the review! 

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