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The Koreans always know best in keeping their skin moisturized and supple. Amaranth’s Ultra Hydrating Cream is the perfect moisturizer to boost moisture level increase suppleness. Let’s read a quick review of this moisturizer and see how it works!

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The Amaranth’s Ultra Hydrating Cream comes off as a water-based cream and turns into droplets of water upon spreading. This water-drop texture contains cabbage rose, red ginseng and chamomile extracts to boost moisture level in our skin. 

And because it spreads out into water droplets, it also means it’s very lightweight and hydrating. Thanks to this, you’ll find the absorption rate very quick. You also don’t have to worry it being too rich because it’s watery. The Amaranth’s Ultra Hydrating Cream can be applied it after toner.

A pretty hydrating product I would say! 🙂

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