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It is perfectly fine to want to look better and improve your looks if that makes you happy and gives you that little boost of confidence. Fo…


It is perfectly fine to want to look better and improve your looks if that makes you happy and gives you that little boost of confidence. For myself I like to have a slimmer looking face so I’ve decided to go for some treatments recommended by Dr Wong from Kowayo Aesthetics. 

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There were actually a few treatments that I did at Kowayo Aesthetics. If you ask why, that is because the treatments are complimentary to each other and they sort of improve my whole look naturally rather than just one certain area only. Of course if you are looking to solve one certain area like neck wrinkles or double chin, you can always point it out to Dr Wong for his advice.  

Pain level for botox? Probably 0.5/10 because the nurse numbed the areas with ice pack beforehand. Otherwise I wouldn’t be filming that gif video you saw up there. Yep, I was holding my phone while Dr injected the botox. 

What you see on the gif above is actually botox on my jaw muscles. Essentially what I understand is botox reduces the muscle activity so it does not look as bulky as it is before, therefore reducing the look of your jawline, like this: 

You can pretty much see it for yourself. My cheeks on the right photo are lifted are and less saggy. 

Dr Wong also injected a tiny bit of botox around my face to give that face smoothening effect, and it became pretty obvious to me that my skin was looking really good after 2-3 weeks when the botox treatment started taking effect. I really love the results! 

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Sometimes Botox might not be the only treatment for jaw slimming. Speak to Dr Wong if you would like to explore other treatments that might be more suitable for you. 

Like for myself, Dr Wong further suggested a treatment to melt the fats under my chin. I have really short chin so a defined jawline is always out of the picture for me. All I want is to have lesser double chin (lol) so Dr Wong decided to melt the unwanted fats under my chin and the lower part of my face. I was really glad that Dr Wong also reassured me that he will not be touching those “good cheek fats” on my face that makes me look youthful. His experience definitely makes me trust what he is doing. 


It was quite funny that this treatment gives a little downtime and made me look like a chipmunk for the evening. Thankfully it was all gone the next day. I must say this downtime is very minimal, just do it in the evening and you should be alright the next day – otherwise factor in a day or two after the treatment as a buffer. 

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Do you have any concerns that you would like to improve? Consider giving Kowayo a call and seek for Dr Wong’s advice! 

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