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Chiamhuiy.com started off in November 2013 mainly as a personal blog where I place personal thoughts about my food journey on this causual online platform. My first media event was a food tasting session organized by Openrice.com, an Asia Online Dining Guide. 

As my blog subsequently increases awareness and visits, I realize the potential to expand the blog scope to include aspects such as lifestyles and beauty. Soon within half a year since the birth of the blog, I started to accept sponsorships and products to carry out several beauty products and services reviews.

I am thankful to say that I have gained many opportunities to work with several PR firms and online forums such as CozyCot.com, TheSampleStore.sg, Openrice.com and Hungrygowhere.com. 

I have also ventured into the possibility of video hosting as I started off my first assignment with Openrice.com as their food tasting video host. I now see video hosting as one of the possible ventures to look into, and is now in the midst of collaborating with a marketing firm through video hosting. 

Aside for attending media events and receiving sponsorships for product reviews, I welcome any form of collaboration with your brand and company if my blogging style fits your requirement. 

For business enquiries, you may contact me at [email protected] to engage my service. For a more detailed blog profile, you may wish to email me for it. 

Thank you for taking your time off to read the blog profile of www.chiamhuiy.com!

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Celine Chiam is a Singapore Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blogger. Welcome to her world of beauty reviews, travelogues and every day tips! She’s on #dayre (@chiamhuiy) and instagram (@chiamhuiy) as well.

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