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about+me Celine has been writing on this blog for slightly more than 2 years and she completely enjoys it. She loves to share reviews, travelling tips and how she lead her own lifestyle on this blog, hoping interested people would gain some helpful tips and recommendations. 

Besides being a local undergraduate, Celine is also a lifestyle, beauty and travel blogger of www.chiamhuiy.com. The drive behind her blog is the passion to inform and empower her readers with the right knowledge about beauty products and services through her own experiences and product reviews. She believes that women can showcase their best selves forward by truly understanding what beauty practices work best for them. As for travelogues, she loves to share first-hand travelling tips and guides to all the readers out there who’s in need of such guidance. 

As a part-time blogger, Celine attends media launches, invites and receives all sorts of sponsored reviews and advertorials as long as they’re within her field of interests. Do engage her or if you have any enquiries, email her at 

[email protected].  


Chiamhuiy.com started off in November 2012 mainly as a personal blog where Celine Chiam places her thoughts on her food journey on this casual online platform. Her first media event was a food tasting session organised by Openrice.com, an Asia Online Dining Guide. Celine subsequently moved into the beauty blogosphere as she shares with readers some of the latest beauty products and supplements. Today, she has attended countless media events and received a number of products to review. Apart from accepting sponsorships and products to carry out beauty products and services reviews, she’s also looking into sponsored staycations and overseas trips. 

Celine subsequently receives opportunities to work with several PR firms and online forums such as CozyCot.com, TheSampleStore.sg, Openrice.com and Hungrygowhere.com. 

She has also ventured into the area of video hosting as she started off her first assignment with Openrice.com as their food tasting video host. Celine is now open to video hosting opportunities on an ad-hoc basis and would definitely love to work with future clients on this aspect.

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Most importantly, she is always open to new opportunities. Email her if you are keen 🙂

[email protected]

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And many more. 

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