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taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 9 After reading (hopefully you did!) my 7D6N Taiwan Itinerary and discovering all the hidden good food in Taiwan, I’m pretty sure I’ve given you all the reasons to visit Taiwan. But let’s see if I’m able to convince you this time to stop waiting and hurry scoot off to Taiwan! There’s many reasons why you need a holiday, and here am I telling you 7 reasons why you need a short getaway, now now now!

1. To discover a different side of you

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Never in my life have I thought of myself doing farming work. Neither have I thought of wanting to try it out, until Scoot sent me to all the way to Taiwan’s fruit and vegetable farms to give me a taste of farmers’ life. Of course, my experience is no more than 1% of what the farmers have been through, but I really appreciate the opportunity given to me. Understanding the harvesting process and realising the efforts and perspiration going behind the fruits and vegetables that we have been consuming was indeed insightful and memorable.


Picking my own berries along the way as we discover Sen Wu Farm. 

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I have a good friend who’s very good at photobombing people ^_^


Also stepping out of my comfort zone to say hi to a caterpillar!

singapore%2Btravel%2Bbloggers7 singapore%2Btravel%2Bbloggers8 singapore%2Btravel%2Bblogger%2Bin%2Btaiwan 1

Harvesting a carrot was so much easier than we expected.

singapore%2Btravel%2Bblogger%2Bin%2Btaiwan 3

And enjoying the loquat I picked from the farm

2. To enjoy being a touristsingapore%2Btravel%2Bblog 5

Visiting touristy attractions might not be as boring as you think. I think it’s all about planning the attractions that truly interest you and not blindly following any itinerary we found online. I don’t deny some places can be boring, but some can be very interesting and fun as well! Here’s my attempt to pass off as a cool carefree ukulele player, with a doraemon-designed ukulele.

Ask yourself, how often can you go all out being silly and happy?

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Alene retrieving her slipped after stepping into a pool of…. moss.

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3. To not hesitate and spend on the things you like


Admit this: we all tend to spend more during holidays because we keep telling ourselves “We’re not going to be back to buy this!!!”

And there goes your money but you get a happy mood from a decisive buy. This is me whenever I’m on a holiday, and heck it, you’re on a holiday, why restrict yourself so much?

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4. To enjoy what’s lacking in Singapore


Singapore has many to share, but she too has many that she lacks. Great blue ocean, fresh seafood and delectable street foods are some of the many things we can’t find in Singapore, but we found them in Taiwan! The trip to the National Aquarium in Taiwan was exceptionally amazing.

singapore%2Btravel%2Bblog 10 national%2Baquarium%2Bin%2Btw

And not forgetting the incredibly fresh seafood dinner.

singapore%2Btravel%2Bbloggers3 5. To enjoy different cuisines in other countriessingapore%2Btravel%2Bbloggers9

Similar to the previous point, I’m not saying Singapore doesn’t have good food, but there is so much more variety out there! The taiwan beer is amazing, the street food is cheap and tasty, and the choices are aplenty for you to go crazy with!

singapore%2Btravel%2Bblog 6

Taro ball, famous in Chang Hua, Taiwan.

singapore%2Btravel%2Bblog 8

My yakult green tea…. with a physical yakult inside. The challenge is to poke your straw through the yakult. They even have a version of inverting the yakult in the cup! Level: Insanity.



taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 0 6. To have fun with your friends singapore%2Btravel%2Bbloggers14

I always prefer travelling in bigger groups because it means that you can share your food and enjoy more variety. At the same time, friends are the sources of joy and it’ll be even more fun if you travel with the right people, like this two jokers!

taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 1 Singapore%2Btravel%2Bbloggers And of course my lovely travel companion, Alene (@paperkitties)!
taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 2

And a big thank you to I-lien, Scoot’s Taiwan Community Manager for bringing us around in Taichung and Taipei! Such a lovely sweetie.

taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 3
taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 4

Ending off our trip with a toast!

taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 6
taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 7

Yummy yakult gummies. Grab them when you’re in Taiwan! They can be found in 7-11 stores.

taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 8 taiwan%2Bbest%2Bfood 67
taiwan%2Bbest%2Bfood 66
taiwan%2Bbest%2Bfood 41
taiwan%2Bbest%2Bfood 28 best%2Blu%2Brou%2Bfan%2Bin%2Btaiwan

7. To enjoy affordable flight tickets!

taiwan%2Btravelogue%2Bitinerary 10

And you bet! Budget airlines, or low cost carriers introduce different promotions all the time and this means that affordable flight travel is available to everyone, anytime! Plus, did you also know Scoot now has direct flights to Kaoshiung too!?

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Since flight tickets are so cheap nowadays, I’ve also booked my scoot flights to Gold Coast!!! Can’t wait.


And that sums up why you should go on a getaway trip soon!

Likewise, book your tickets now with Scoot Airline and explore more of Taiwan! You can even fly to 1 city and out the other. Fares start from $118 to Taipei and $88 to Kaohsiung! 

A big thank you to Scoot Airline and Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore for organising this trip! Taiwan%2BTourism%2BBureau%2BSG%2BOffice%2Blogo outline scootlogo.001

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