The Ultimate Guide To 24-Hour Cafes In Singapore

A photo of a cozy 24-hour cafe with a variety of inviting desserts and a bustling atmosphere.

Staying up late in Singapore and craving a bite to eat or hot cup of coffee? With the vibrant city-state boasting numerous 24-hour cafes, there’s no shortage to satisfy your midnight munchies.

In this guide, we will explore some must-visit all-night cafes where you can indulge in mouth-watering dishes and exquisite brews anytime. Ready for an after-dark culinary adventure? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore has numerous 24 – hour cafes that are perfect for people who work late or have strange sleep schedules.
  • These cafes offer a wide range of food and drink options to cater to different tastes, and some even provide home delivery services.
  • 24 – hour cafes also serve as study or work spots for night owls who prefer a quieter environment to focus on tasks.

Benefits of 24-Hour Cafes

A diverse group of young professionals working in a bustling 24-hour cafe.

24-hour cafes are a big help. They let you eat at all hours. This is nice for people who work late or have strange sleep times. It’s also good when you want a late-night snack.

These cafes offer many choices of food and drink. You can find what fits your taste best. They also offer home delivery services, so you can enjoy good food even when staying in.

Another great thing about 24-hour cafes is that they often serve as study or work spots for those night owls out there! If you’re the kind that burns the midnight oil, these places are perfect for getting some quiet time to focus on tasks without being disturbed by the usual daytime hubbub.

Eating ONLY Singapore hawker centre foods for 24 hours! *wow*

Top 10 24-Hour Cafes in Singapore

A cozy café with a variety of people enjoying coffee and a bustling atmosphere.

Here are the top 10 24-Hour Cafes in Singapore where you can satisfy your cravings at any time of the day or night:

1. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Marine Cove).

2. Cafe de Muse.

3. Coffee Smith.

4. Shah Alam Restaurant.

5. Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

6. 89.7FM Supper Club.

7. 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi.

8. D’ Rubinah Restaurant Thai Muslim & Seafood.

9.Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

10.Cafeela Roti Prata & Seafood Restaurant

24 Hour Singaporean Food with a local

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Marine Cove)

A happy family enjoying coffee and pastries at an outdoor table in the city.

You will love The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Marine Cove! This cafe is one of the top 24-hour places to eat in Singapore. It’s great for families and it sits near a fun playground. Kids can play while you enjoy your meal or drink.

The feel here is like a resort, very laid back. You’ll want to sit outside so you can take in the view of the new playground as well as relax in their outdoor dining area. Every day of the week, this spot stays open all hours.

So no matter when you want good food or coffee, they are ready for you.

At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, they focus on giving guests a great time eating out. With its kid-friendly perks and always-open doors, this place tops many lists of cafes not only in Marine Cove but also across Singapore.

And since it’s close to children’s playgrounds too, it’s easy for parents who need that caffeine boost!

Cafe de Muse

A photo of a delicious Korean bingsu dessert served on a rustic wooden table with various people enjoying it.

Cafe de Muse is a mix of Western and Korean food. It is always open, day or night. This eatery holds a spot in the top 10 24-hour cafes list in Singapore. But take note, not all have loved their visit to Cafe de Muse on Orchard Road.

The cafe has received only three out of five stars on Tripadvisor.

The menu at Cafe de Muse will give you lots of choices. One unique dessert they serve is Korean bingsu. It’s made from shaved ice topped with sweet treats like fruit or syrup. So if you crave for late-night snacks, this cafe might be your next stop!

Coffee Smith

A diverse group of friends enjoy coffee together in a bustling café.

Coffee Smith is a popular 24-hour cafe in Singapore, listed as one of the top 10 cafes to visit any time of the day. They offer a wide range of coffee options, including European and Korean coffee flavors.

If you’re not in the mood for coffee, they also have beers and cocktail coffees to choose from. Coffee Smith is actually a South Korean chain with four locations in Singapore. You can find their cafe at 62 Collyer Quay Oue Lnk in Singapore.

While some people have given mixed reviews about their experience at Coffee Smith, it has an average rating of 3 out of 5 on Tripadvisor. So if you’re looking for a late-night caffeine fix or want to try different coffee flavors, Coffee Smith is definitely worth checking out!

Shah Alam Restaurant

A photo of the bustling exterior of Shah Alam Restaurant at night, showcasing a variety of people and their different styles.

Shah Alam Restaurant is one of the top 10 24-Hour Cafes in Singapore. This restaurant has been a trusted spot for late-night dining for over 20 years. It may not be fancy, but it’s known for its unpretentious atmosphere and tasty food.

According to reviews on Tripadvisor, Shah Alam Restaurant has received an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 from 19 unbiased reviewers. Out of over 14,000 restaurants listed on Tripadvisor, Shah Alam Restaurant ranks at #6224.

Since it is open all day and night, Shah Alam Restaurant caters to those looking for allday dining options or a place to grab a meal in the early morning hours. Whether you’re craving local cuisine or international dishes, this restaurant offers a wide variety of choices to satisfy your hunger.

With its simple and unassuming ambiance, it has become a trusted hangout spot where people can enjoy good food at any time.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean%E2%80%99s Coffees 130158186Gloria Jean’s Coffees.” title=”A group of diverse friends enjoying coffee and conversation at Gloria Jean’s Coffees.” class=”awimage” />

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a popular 24-hour cafe in Singapore that is part of an American-Australian retail coffeehouse brand. It is owned by a multinational fast-food company and has several locations across the country, including one at West Coast Plaza.

What makes Gloria Jean’s Coffees stand out is its round-the-clock operation, allowing you to satisfy your caffeine cravings or grab a bite to eat any time of day or night. The cafe has received positive recognition as one of the top 10 24-hour cafes in Singapore, making it a must-visit for coffee lovers and late-night food enthusiasts alike.

At Gloria Jean’s Coffees, you can expect to find an extensive menu with a variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for local cuisine, international dishes, brunch favorites, or indulgent desserts, this cafe has got you covered.

From aromatic coffees and refreshing teas to delicious pastries and hearty meals, there’s something for everyone here. So whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up during the day or a satisfying meal after midnight, Gloria Jean’s Coffees offers both convenience and quality in their offerings.

With its inviting ambiance and friendly staff working round-the-clock shifts, Gloria Jean’s Coffees provides not just a place to dine but also an experience unique to Singapore’s late-night cafe culture.

89.7FM Supper Club

A group of diverse friends enjoying a late-night meal at a bustling supper club.Located at Blk 5 Changi Village Rd in Singapore, the 89.7FM Supper Club is one of the top 10 24-hour cafes in Singapore. With a rating of 4 out of 5 and ranked #2039 out of 14197 restaurants on Tripadvisor, this cafe has received positive reviews from customers.

It offers late-night dining options and a supper menu for those late-night cravings. So whether you’re looking for a midnight snack or a place to hang out with friends after hours, the 89.7FM Supper Club is worth checking out.

Serving as a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, this cafe provides an array of delicious food choices to satisfy your cravings throughout the night. From local cuisine to international dishes, brunch options to mouthwatering desserts, they have something for everyone.

126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi

A busy dim sum restaurant with a variety of colorful dishes and a diverse crowd.

126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi is one of the top 24-hour cafes in Singapore, located in the neighborhoods of Geylang and Boon Keng. Despite being in Geylang’s red-light district, it is considered a safe and welcoming restaurant for visitors.

With its mixed reviews and a Tripadvisor rating of 3.5 out of 5, this place offers a variety of classic dim sum dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

If you’re looking for an authentic dim sum experience in Singapore, 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi is worth a visit. The restaurant is open 24 hours every day, so you can enjoy their delicious dim sum at any time.

D’ Rubinah Restaurant Thai Muslim & Seafood

A vibrant assortment of spices displayed on a wooden table.

D’ Rubinah Restaurant Thai Muslim & Seafood is a 24-hour cafe located in Punggol, Singapore. With a high rating on Tripadvisor of 4.5 out of 5, this place is highly recommended for its delicious South Indian and Thai Muslim seafood dishes.

Whether you’re craving for mutton briyani or other Muslim-friendly meals, you can find it here anytime as they are open around the clock.

Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Mosanco Enchanted Cafe is one of the top 24-hour cafes in Singapore. They offer a wide variety of cold brew flavors, perfect for coffee lovers who want something unique and refreshing.

You can choose from their specialty Cold Brews and enjoy them anytime you want as the cafe is open round-the-clock. Not only that, Mosanco Enchanted Cafe also serves delicious all-day brunch options, satisfying your cravings whether it’s early in the morning or late at night.

With seven outlets across Singapore, you can easily find a Mosanco Enchanted Cafe near you. The Fairytale Garden outlet even provides an enchanting ambiance with its fairy tale-themed decor, creating a dreamy atmosphere for an intimate dining experience.

Cafeela Roti Prata & Seafood Restaurant

Cafeela Roti Prata & Seafood Restaurant is one of the top 24-hour cafes in Singaporelocated in Sengkang. This restaurant is known for its delicious Indian and Halal cuisines. It offers a wide range of dishes, but what makes it stand out are its prata and seafood specialties.

Whether you’re craving a crispy and flaky prata or mouthwatering seafood, this restaurant has got you covered.

Being featured in The Ultimate Guide To 24-Hour Cafes In Singapore shows that Cafeela Roti Prata & Seafood Restaurant is worth checking out. If you’re in the mood for authentic Indian food or just want to try something new, this is the place to be.

Late Night Dining Options

A photo of a dimly lit restaurant with empty tables, showcasing the late-night dining atmosphere and diverse patrons.

Looking for late-night dining options in Singapore? You’re in luck! There are several cafes and eateries that stay open late, so you can satisfy your hunger even after midnight. Lola Faye Cafe and Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap are popular choices, as they serve delicious food until 2am.

Another great option is Hong Chang Eating House, which also stays open until 2am. If you’re craving something different, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Marine Cove) and Cafe de Muse are 24-hour cafes where you can grab a late-night bite to eat.

Whether you want supper or a midnight snack, these places have got you covered!

If you’re at Singapore Changi Airport and looking for a place to eat during the wee hours of the night, don’t worry – there are plenty of options available. The airport provides 24-hour dining establishments where travelers can enjoy a variety of cuisines at any time of the day or night.

So whether it’s an early morning layover or a late-night arrival, you won’t have to go hungry when visiting this world-class airport.

In summary, Singapore offers a range of late-night dining options for those who crave delicious food outside regular meal times. From local eateries like Lola Faye Cafe and Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap to international chains like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Marine Cove), there’s something for everyone’s taste buds.

With these all-night cafés and restaurants available, satisfying your cravings has never been easier!

Singapore: My Ultimate Food & Drink Guide

Types of Food Offered at 24-Hour Cafes

A vibrant and delicious assortment of dishes from various cuisines presented beautifully in this food photography.

24-Hour cafes in Singapore offer a wide variety of food options including local cuisine, international dishes, brunch selections, and delectable desserts.

Local cuisine

Singapore is a food paradise, and its local cuisine is a reflection of its diverse cultural heritage. The culinary traditions in Singapore are influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Western cuisines.

When you visit 24-hour cafes in Singapore, you’ll get the chance to try out various local delicacies that showcase the multicultural flavors of the country.

From traditional recipes passed down through generations to fusion dishes that combine different culinary influences, 24-hour cafes offer a wide range of local dishes for you to savor.

Whether it’s chicken rice, laksa (a spicy noodle soup), or char kway teow (stir-fried noodles), these cafes serve up popular hawker center favorites that will leave your taste buds happy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Singapore’s unique food culture by trying out specialties like Hainanese chicken rice or chili crab. These dishes have become synonymous with Singapore’s culinary identity and are highly recommended when visiting 24-hour cafes.

So go ahead and indulge in the diverse flavors and rich culinary heritage that can be found at these cafes throughout Singapore.

International cuisine

Singapore’s 24-hour cafes offer a wide variety of international cuisine to cater to different tastes. You can explore Malaysian food with its rich flavors and spices, or savor Chinese dishes that range from dim sum to hotpot.

Indonesian cuisine is also available, offering delicious satay and nasi goreng. If you’re in the mood for Indian spices, there are cafes serving fragrant biryani and flavorful curries.

And let’s not forget about the western influences in food – you can enjoy burgers, pastas, and pizzas too! With such a diverse culinary scene, these cafes truly showcase Singapore’s multicultural cuisine.

When it comes to local delicacies, these 24-hour cafes don’t disappoint either. You’ll find traditional Singaporean dishes like Hainanese chicken rice, laksa, and chili crab on their menus.

Whether you’re craving comfort food or looking for something more adventurous, these cafes have something for everyone.

Brunch options

If you’re looking for a 24-hour cafe in Singapore that offers brunch options, you’re in luck! There are hidden gems in the city where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast menu at any time of the day.

Places like Brunches Cafe and My Melody Cafe Singapore offer a variety of choices to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for pancakes, eggs benedict, or avocado toast, these cafes have got you covered.

So next time you’re craving some brunch goodness outside of regular hours, remember to check out these 24-hour cafes for a satisfying meal.

In addition to traditional breakfast options, many 24-hour cafes also serve local cuisine and international dishes during brunch hours. You can explore different flavors and indulge in unique combinations like kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs or chicken rice with a twist.


Late-night dessert spots in Singapore offer a wide array of sweet treats to satisfy your sugar cravings. Whether you’re looking for a midnight snack or a creamy dessert to indulge in, these 24-hour cafes have got you covered.

From classic desserts to innovative creations, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds.

At Butterspace Bakery, you can find traditional sweets like cakes, cookies, and pastries that are sure to delight. If ice cream is more your style, Naked Ice Cream offers a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from.

No Horse Run is another popular spot known for its unique and trendy desserts, such as lava cakes and molten chocolate soufflés.

For those who prefer something lighter, Icebar specializes in refreshing shaved ice with different fruit toppings and syrups. And if you’re craving some traditional Asian desserts, Tian Wang Desserts has an extensive menu of hot and cold options like tong sui (sweet soup) and tang yuan (glutinous rice balls).

The Culture of Late Night Cafes in Singapore

A group of friends enjoying coffee and laughter at a lively café in the city.

Singapore has embraced a vibrant café culture, with coffee joints popping up everywhere you look. People are starting to appreciate the experience of slowing down and enjoying a cup of joe in a cozy setting.

As a result, there has been an increase in late-night cafes in Singapore, providing options for those who crave some caffeine or delicious food after regular operating hours. One example is Mosanco Enchanted Cafe, which stays open 24 hours a day and offers a magical solution to late-night cravings.

What makes late night cafes even more special is their unique locations. For instance, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Marine Cove is one of the few all-night cafes situated by the sea in Singapore.

This allows patrons to sip their drinks while enjoying the calming sound of waves crashing against the shore.

If you’re looking for places that stay open past 10 PM, Gloria Jean’s Coffees West Coast Plaza, Jen’s Kitchen On The Go, Salted Caramel, and My Awesome Cafe are some great choices in Singapore.

These establishments cater to night owls craving for good food or simply wanting to unwind with friends over a cup of coffee.

Late night cafes have become part of Singapore’s urban lifestyle where people can find comfort and relaxation during unconventional hours. It’s about creating moments and spaces that allow individuals to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life while indulging their taste buds with delectable treats or quality brews.

Unique and Must-Try Dishes

A diverse group of friends enjoying traditional Singaporean street food at a lively hawker center.

Indulge in the sweet and savory flavors of Singapore’s 24-hour cafes with these unique and must-try dishes that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Sweet Potato Doughnut from Japanese bakery

The sweet potato doughnut from the Japanese bakery is a popular and delicious treat. Made with fresh sweet potatoes, this pastry has a cakelike texture that melts in your mouth. It’s a perfect snack when you’re craving something sweet and satisfying.

Not only is it tasty, but it’s also considered a healthier option compared to traditional doughnuts. The bakery offers a variety of pastries, but the sweet potato doughnut is definitely one that you shouldn’t miss.

In Japan, sweet potatoes are known as Yaki Imo and are enjoyed for their creamy and sweet taste. Try this unique treat for yourself and experience the goodness of the sweet potato doughnut.

Mochi Cheese Bun from Japanese bakery

The Mochi Cheese Bun is a unique and must-try dish offered by a popular Japanese bakery in Singapore. This fusion creation combines the traditional mochi with cheese, resulting in a delightful flavor combination that will surely captivate your taste buds.

The bakery, which has several branches across Singapore, includes the Mochi Cheese Bun in their top 5 buns menu. It has become a favorite among bread lovers in the country due to its innovative and delicious taste.

If you’re craving something different and want to experience an interesting blend of flavors, don’t miss out on trying the Mochi Cheese Bun from this Japanese bakery.

Cakes and desserts from Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate is famous for its mouthwatering cakes and desserts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their signature creation is a simple yet indulgent dark chocolate cake with layers of rich dark chocolate fudge.

Handcrafted in Singapore, these cakes are available for purchase both in-store and online, making it convenient for you to enjoy their decadent treats anytime. In addition to their irresistible cakes, Awfully Chocolate also offers other sinfully delicious options like dark chocolate brownies, tarts, and ice cream.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving something sweet, Awfully Chocolate’s gourmet chocolate desserts will not disappoint.

(Lower word count)

Awfully Chocolate is well-known for its irresistible cakes and desserts. One of their most popular creations is a simple yet decadent dark chocolate cake layered with rich dark chocolate fudge.

Up and Coming 24-Hour Cafes

A diverse group of friends enjoy late-night coffee and conversation in a trendy 24-hour cafe.

Shake Shack, Trifecta, and House of Malaysia are just a few of the exciting new 24-hour cafes in Singapore. Ready to discover more? Keep reading!

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a popular 24-hour cafe that offers gourmet fast food in a casual dining environment. They specialize in American cuisine, using quality ingredients to create their delicious menu items.

Their quick service and comfort food make it a favorite spot for late-night cravings.

At Shake Shack, you can enjoy juicy burgers, crispy fries, and tasty milkshakes. The beef patties are well-balanced, tender, and full of flavor. They started as a hot dog cart serving high-quality family-friendly food and have since grown into a fast-casual restaurant with a mission to serve up the best comfort food around.

Although Shake Shack has received mixed reviews on Tripadvisor with a rating of 3.5 out of 5, they continue to attract customers who appreciate their quality ingredients and quick service.


Trifecta is one of the up and coming 24-hour cafes in Singapore that you should definitely check out. This trendy coffee shop is located in the vibrant urban neighborhood of Tiong Bahru, known for its cozy and work-friendly cafes.

Trifecta offers a stylish and comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious food and beverages while overlooking Singapore’s beautiful skyline. It has quickly become popular among locals and tourists alike as a cool hangout spot to relax or get some work done.

So if you’re looking for a place to grab a late-night bite or catch up on your emails, Trifecta is definitely worth a visit.

Another notable cafe in Singapore’s cafe-hopping scene is House of Malaysia. Located in the Joo Chiat area, this cafe specializes in serving authentic Malaysian cuisine round-the-clock.

Whether you’re craving some spicy laksa, flavorful nasi lemak, or fragrant roti canai, House of Malaysia has got you covered. The laid-back ambiance coupled with their mouthwatering dishes makes it an ideal choice for those who want to satisfy their cravings at any time of the day or night.

House of Malaysia

House of Malaysia is one of the up and coming 24-hour cafes in Singapore. Located in JB, which stands for Johor Bahru, it is known for its trendy atmosphere and delicious food options.

If you’re a night owl looking for latenight dining, House of Malaysia is definitely worth checking out. They offer mouthwatering grub that will satisfy your cravings any time of the day or night.

With their tasty dishes and cozy ambiance, House of Malaysia is quickly becoming one of the best 24-hour coffee shops in the area. So next time you’re in Singapore or JB, be sure to stop by House of Malaysia for a memorable dining experience.

Tips for Visiting 24-Hour Cafes

A diverse group of friends enjoy coffee and laughter in a cozy 24-hour cafe.

When visiting 24-hour cafes, make sure to use the Yelp app to find nearby options and check the cafe’s menu online before going. Be respectful to the staff working late hours.

Use the Yelp app to find nearby options

Open up the Yelp app on your phone to easily find nearby 24-hour cafes in Singapore. With just a few taps, you can discover a list of popular coffee shops and food options that are available round the clock.

Whether you’re craving a cup of joe or looking for late-night dining options, Yelp has got you covered. Take advantage of the app’s features like reviews and ratings to help you choose the best cafe that suits your preferences.

Don’t waste time wandering around aimlessly – let Yelp be your guide to finding great 24-hour cafes near you.

If you’re unsure where to start, simply type in keywords like “hour coffee shops” or “food options” into the search bar on Yelp. The app will provide recommendations based on user reviews and ratings, ensuring that you get accurate and reliable information about each cafe.

Check the cafe’s menu online before going

To have a smooth and satisfying experience at a 24-hour cafe in Singapore, it’s important to check the cafe’s menu online before you go. This simple step can help you plan your food and drink orders in advance, ensuring that you get exactly what you want when you arrive.

By reviewing the menu beforehand, you can avoid any disappointment or dissatisfaction if your desired items are not available. It also saves time as you don’t have to spend too long deciding what to order once you’re there.

Checking the menu online allows you to make informed choices and browse through all the options available so that you can be well-prepared for your visit.

Be respectful to the staff working late hours

Staff working late hours at 24-hour cafes in Singapore deserve respect and consideration. They work hard to provide a pleasant experience for customers even during the late night hours.

To show your respect, it’s important to keep noise levels down, especially during late hours when others may be trying to relax or work. This helps create a conducive environment for both customers and staff.

Additionally, make sure to clean up after yourself and maintain cleanliness in the cafe premises. This shows respect not only for the staff but also for other customers who will appreciate a clean and comfortable space.

Remember to be patient when ordering food or drinks as the staff may be busy handling multiple tasks or working alone. Avoid rushing or pressuring them, instead giving them the time they need to provide you with quality service.

Finally, showing gratitude by saying “thank you” is a simple yet powerful way of showing respect and appreciation towards the hardworking staff.

[Relevant facts from IMPORTANT FACTS]:

1) Staff working late hours at 24-hour cafes deserve respect.

2) Being respectful includes keeping noise levels down.

3) Cleaning up after oneself shows respect for both staff and other customers.

4) Be patient when ordering food or drinks as staff may be busy.

5) Showing gratitude through saying “thank you” is important in showing appreciation.

[Relevant keywords from KEYWORDS]:

– Respectful

– Consideration

– Staff working late hours

– Conducive work environment


A mouthwatering display of diverse dishes in a vibrant and busy cafe setting.

Discover the best 24-hour cafes in Singapore for late-night dining and satisfy your cravings any time of the day. From local cuisine to international dishes, these cafes offer a variety of options to please your taste buds.

Don’t forget to try unique dishes like sweet potato doughnuts and mochi cheese buns. With new cafes popping up, there are always exciting places to explore. So grab your friends or enjoy a solo meal at one of these amazing 24-hour cafes in Singapore!


1. Are there any 24-hour cafes in Singapore?

Yes, there are several 24-hour cafes in Singapore where you can enjoy food and drinks any time of day or night.

2. What types of food can I expect to find at 24-hour cafes in Singapore?

At 24-hour cafes in Singapore, you can typically find a variety of dishes ranging from local favorites like noodles and rice dishes to Western options like sandwiches and burgers. They may also offer desserts and beverages.

3. Do I need to make a reservation at a 24-hour cafe in Singapore?

Reservations are not usually required at 24-hour cafes in Singapore as they cater to customers throughout the day and night on a walk-in basis.

4. Are there vegetarian or vegan options available at 24-hour cafes in Singapore?

Yes, many 24-hour cafes in Singapore offer vegetarian or vegan options on their menu. You can ask the staff for recommendations or check their menu for specific choices.

5. Can I bring my own laptop or study materials to work or study at a 24-hour cafe in Singapore?

Most 24-hour cafes welcome customers who want to use their laptops or study materials while enjoying their food and drinks. However, it is always best to check with the specific cafe’s policies beforehand.

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