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I don't usually have the habit of taking supplements, but the opportunity to review  Miriqa  came along. After knowing the bran...

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I don't usually have the habit of taking supplements, but the opportunity to review Miriqa came along. After knowing the brand from the co-founders themselves, I felt like I know more about Miriqa more than any other supplements I've tried. That was mainly the reason why I decided to start taking Miriqa and try it out myself. So what's so special about Miriqa and what kind of benefits does it bring?

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Miriqa™ skin supplement is a natural food supplement made from a special breed of 100% natural non-GMO white tomato, olive extract and L-Cysteine. It is developed with the finest ingredients from nature, to renew and restore skin to its most natural purest beauty. It has three key properties: whitening, youth renewal (skin hydration) and sun protection.

  • The non-GMO white tomato with colourless carotenoids help to provide Sun protection and skin whitening effects on the skin.
  • Olives, being the most potent natural antioxidant, delivers powerful free radical capturing agent (scavenger) & super antioxidant (which is 10 times more than Vitamin C). Olives also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Finally, Olives support the production of fair melanin and help lighten dark melanin already formed.
  • L-Cysteine enhances the inhibitory melanin production effect of Hydroxytyrosol (main antioxidant found in Olives). It lightens pigmentation, diminishes intensity of dark spots and brightens skin tone.

It was before my Japan trip when I got my hands on the Miriqa supplements. I thought it was a good time to give the supplements a try since Japan was in their cold season and that is a perfect chance to test out whether the supplements would hydrate my skin. 

Turns out, my skin was just the same as it was in Singapore. I would be expecting my skin to be way drier considering the weather was so cold and harsh in Japan. I personally feel that hydrated skin is the most important foundation to have. Without a hydrated healthy skin, skin issues are bound to surface, such as oily skin when your skin is simply secreting more oil to compensate the lack of hydration. 

Taking miriqa supplements is simple. It only takes one pill a day, and the best is to take the supplements at the same time each day. It is way more consistent and effective to maintain a regular supplements intake. 

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To me, each supplement capsules are easy to swallow.

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At the end of the day, it is really what you are looking for. If you are looking for a solution to dehydrated skin or skin with dark spots/ acne scars, Miriqa supplements might just be the right thing for you. After consuming for about 3 weeks, I noticed some of my acne spots are slowly fading away. And as mentioned earlier, my skin really feels much more hydrated without having to put on more skincare products. It's like so much easier in terms on skincare regime because your skin condition is already good to begin with!

Dark spots can be very annoying and some dark spots actually stays on longer on certain skin types. One way to speed up the healing process and eradicate the dark spots is to keep your skin hydrated. The olives and white tomato extracts in Miriqa are just the right agents to bring down these bad boys.

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