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I'm not sure if you have heard of ShopBack before, but if you have not, it's not too late to discover this amazing feature to sav...

I'm not sure if you have heard of ShopBack before, but if you have not, it's not too late to discover this amazing feature to save you some money! ShopBack is an online platform that allows you to earn cashback with its partnering merchants. Put it simply, the more you shop online, the more cash rebates you earn. Yet how often do we forget to activate shopback in order to qualify for the cashback? In the past, you have to click a merchant's link on shopback website before you get redirected to the online store, which then qualifies you for the cash rebate. Thankfully, this will soon be changed because the ShopBack Cashback Button, a browser extension, will automatically alert you to qualify you for the cashback. Now that sounds so much easier for every online shoppers out there, including myself.

What is ShopBack Cashback button all about?

The ShopBack Browser Extension is a browser extension that you can install for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Once installed onto your browser, it will automatically notify you when you land on their partnering merchant's page, for example Sephora or Lazada Singapore. This way, you won't miss out any chance of earning some cash rebates. It also saves you the time to go back to shopback's website just to activate the cash rebate.

Installation is so simple. Click on the "Add To Chrome" button to install. I believe it'll be the same for the other two browsers as well - Firebox and Safari.

The ShopBack Cashback Button has 3 features indicating different meanings:

Now, activating the cashback with shopback is equally fuss-free.

Let me give you an example. You decide to look food delivery so you do a quick search on google. Without knowing that Foodpanda is one of the qualifying merchants for ShopBack's cashback, the ShopBack Cashback extension now notifies you the % cashback, on the google page itself!

Same goes for all other partnering merchants, like Sephora and Lazada. Now, you don't have to head to shopback's website to find out who are the merchants. Save yourself the time and let the ShopBack Cashback Button do all the job for you ;)

The pop-up will show on the top right corner of your browser. You just have to click the button "Activate ... % cashback" and you're good to go!

For example, Sephora: 

And Zalora:

If you are an avid shopper of Taobao, you will be excited to know that shopback also grants cash rebates for taobao purchases too! You basically do not have to go back to and fro shopback website because the web browser extension does all the job for you. Especially when 11.11 is round the corner, this is the best chance to earn some cashback while you shop your way through Taobao.

Now isn't the ShopBack Cashback Button the perfect online shopping buddy already? *wink ;)

Thanks for reading! ❤

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