Bangkok 6D5N updated itinerary (mainly shopping and eating) | Updated!

Hi folks! I'm finally back to do a quick update to my usual Bangkok itinerary which is mainly about eating and shopping. So if you ar...

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Hi folks! I'm finally back to do a quick update to my usual Bangkok itinerary which is mainly about eating and shopping. So if you are a tourist who hasn't been to Bangkok, or is interested in those tourist attractions like temples and floating market, unfortunately this article is not gonna be very helpful to you. 

Bangkok travels shouldn’t sound unfamiliar to many of us, especially Singaporeans. Bangkok shopping and feasting in particular have been so popular nowadays, you can easily bump into your fellow Singaporean friends in Bangkok city without even knowing you guys are in the same country for a quick getaway! Here is my updated 6D5N Bangkok Shopping Itinerary for you to consider (you can shorten it based on your own travel preference).

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When to visit Bangkok?

The best days to visit Bangkok is surely the weekends. If possible, avoid Mondays to Thursday because I realise a lot of flea/ night markets are closed during the weekdays. That means, if you only have a few days to spare for a quick getaway to Bangkok, please have them over the weekend. Air ticket prices might be more expensive, but this is the only time frame you get to visit night markets (and that's what Bangkok is for right?).

Day 1 - Thursday

Arrive Bangkok at about noon time
Lunch at boat noodles store
Travel to Truelove cafe @ neverland
Dinner at street stalls near our hotel

Day 2 - Friday

Morning - shop at pratunam morning market
Tailor shirts (for the men)
Lunch at Pratunam street stalls
Shop at Siam area
Grabbed Bonca Cookie Ice Cream
Chang Foot massage
Animal cafe - The House Of Paws
Early dinner at Som Tam Nua @ Siam Square Soi 5
Night - Rod Fai Market (2) Ratchada

 photo bangkok animal cafe3.jpg

Day 3 - Saturday

Early noon - Chatuchak weekend market
Rest stop back at hotel
Shopping and dinner at Japanese Omurice Restaurant (Central World)
Dessert at After You Dessert Cafe

Day 4 - Sunday

Hipster visit - The Commons
Shopping and lunch at Terminal 21
Bangkok The Animal Cafe
Dinner at Little Bao
Night - Rod Fai Market (2) Ratchada

Day 5 - Monday

Shopping at Platinum Mall
Rest stop back at hotel
Big C Supermarket Shopping @ Centerworld
Dinner at Siam Paragon (UFO steamboat)
Night: Explore Soi Cowboy street

Day 6 - Tuesday (half day)

Breakfast at Petchburi Soi 19
Shopping at Pratunam Market
Lunch at Platinum Mall Foot massage

 photo bangkok somtam.jpg
Dinner at Som Tam Nua

 photo Bangkok travel itinerary_12.jpg
 photo bangkok prata.jpg

Quick tip about luggages!
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A lot of times (for ladies especially), our return luggages can be really heavy. If you want to save yourself the hassle of having to carry your luggages to the airport (or to your hotel from the airport), you can consider Bangkok’s very first luggage delivery service. This service comes in handy if you are rushing for time especially when your itinerary is barely a few days, or when your luggage is way too heavy. There’s a lot of circumstances where luggage delivery service can be a life saviour!

The first time I spoke about AIRPORTELs on my dayre, a lot of people come to me and ask how does the service work. You can read my detailed article on how it works.

You know, sometimes we maximise our stay in Bangkok by choosing the latest flight back to Singapore. However, we usually have to check out the hotel by noon or 1pm latest. Yes, we can deposit our luggages with the hotel reception. But why go through the hassle of having to return to the hotel to grab our luggages before heading to the airport? By skipping this step through entrusting your luggages to luggage delivery service, you know you can go ahead and tour for another half a day and head to the airport straight from where you were, without having to take a detour back to your hotel!

Hop over to my review on AIRPORTELs, Bangkok’s luggage delivery service. Enjoy your trip in Bangkok folks!

 photo true love cafe bangkok2.jpg
Truelove cafe @ neverland

 photo bangkok famous wonton mee.jpg photo Bangkok travel itinerary_10.jpg  photo Bangkok travel itinerary_11.jpg photo bangkok Rod Fai Market 2 Ratchada.jpg
Rod Fai Market (2) Ratchada

 photo bangkok littlebao.jpg
Bangkok Little Bao

 photo bangkok animal cafe4.jpg
Bangkok Animal Cafe

 photo bangkok animal cafe.jpg  photo Bangkok travel itinerary_8.jpg
Bangkok Lobster Tom Yum - missed it when I was there!

 photo bangkok chatuchak.jpg
 photo Bangkok travel itinerary_7.jpg  photo Bangkok travel itinerary_6.jpg
After You Dessert Cafe

 photo Bangkok travel itinerary_5.jpg  photo bangkok omu rice.jpg
Omu rice at Central World

 photo bangkok chatuchak2.jpg
Chatuchak being as crowded as always

 photo Bangkok travel itinerary_3.jpg
 photo Bangkok travel itinerary_4.jpg
The food from my favourite food stall has deteriorated! Not going back anymore next time

 photo Bangkok travel itinerary_2.jpg
Street food from Rod Fai - Super good!!

 photo Bangkok travel itinerary_1.jpg  photo Bangkok travel itinerary_0.jpg  photo bangkok Rod Fai Market 2 Ratchadafood.jpg  photo bangkok Rod Fai Market 2 Ratchada food.jpg  photo bangkok Rod Fai Market 2 Ratchada 1.jpg

 photo hope for paw cafe bangkok2.jpg
Bangkok HOPs The House Of Paws - Dog cafe

 photo hope for paw cafe bangkok.jpg photo bangkok tailor shirt.jpg photo bangkok travel.jpg
 photo true love cafe bangkok.jpg photo Bangkok travel itinerary_15.jpg

Thanks for reading! ❤

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