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I wanted to do a quick shout out to you guys and show you guys my current go-to eyeshadow quads these days. I've been so so eager to t...

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I wanted to do a quick shout out to you guys and show you guys my current go-to eyeshadow quads these days. I've been so so eager to try out Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad for the longest time, and I finally got it from memebox Singapore! It's so convenient nowadays getting something we've been wanting to try from online, like this eyeshadow quads which I've heard so much raves of. I got my hands on the Conceptual Eyes Quad in #Lively, so let's see how it fairs!

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As like all other Pony Effect cosmetic line, the packaging is sleek and simple. Paired with a nice navy shade with rose gold linings - so chic!

Take a further look inside and the full rose gold packaging really got me loving it more.

 photo Pony effect eye squad_1.jpg  photo Pony effect eye squad_8.jpg

A quick glance, the shades are rather light. Perhaps they look a bit faint from the bright lighting of the photo. In real life, the shades does look a little light so don't expect over the top kind of pigment. I would say, it goes in line to Korean make up, where minimal mild makeup is just fine. Of course, you can build up the colour with more layering.

Although the colours of the eyeshadow isn't very pigmented and loud, I still love the texture of it. They're creamy and smooth, and they glide on very easily. This makes blending easy for beginners as well.

 photo ponyeffect quad shadow.jpg
I use the lightest shade (Jolly) to create the base before using "Passion" to shade the outer corners and line my lower lash line. You can choose to use "Cheerful"for a heavier makeup look since it's darker. Add a little "Better" in the middle of your eyelids to give that pop of colour.

Day look
 photo A3F3690A-0B82-4D1E-B4CB-0DA0A2423137.jpg  photo 1E3E3F15-7824-4BA3-8100-719FCA02C017.jpg
I'm also wearing Pony Effect Favourite Fluid Lip Tint in shade Romantic Breath

Night look
 photo 13B6EB36-4215-4D69-9A69-843369696BA6.jpg
For night look, simply layer on more eyeshadow and perhaps use the darkest shade to line your lower lash line. Increase the dramatic look by drawing eyeliner or putting on falsies. Otherwise, a bright/dark red lip colour will do the magic!

 photo C3B094F9-2BDA-40F3-8D21-450619D81FC0.jpg  photo 131D5A0E-A9BE-459B-A0C1-BB210A4CCCEA.jpg

 photo Pony effect eye squad_5.jpg

I hope you like this Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad in shade #Lively as much as I do!

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For more, visit memebox Singapore

Thanks for reading! ❤

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