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Other than dresses, pairing shoes is another method we use to switch up our mood of the day, o...

Other than dresses, pairing shoes is another method we use to switch up our mood of the day, or suit different occasions. At times, when ladies feel the need to stride with pride, we opt for heels. On days we get a little lazier than usual, loafers and sneakers are our best friends. Steve Madden Singapore offers quite an array of choices, and now you can find some top picks on Zalora Singapore as well! 

As I was saying, on lazy days like the weekends, sneakers are the best options. Comfortable and cozy, it feels good even if you have to walk miles and miles. You can even run in them! These sky blue colour is really nice, I have a thing for all things pastel!That weaving design certainly makes it more unique than a normal pair of sneakers.

Nude choices are great too because it doesn't 'cut off' near your ankle area. Nude shoes (even for heels) give the elongating illusion, making your legs look longer than usual! When taking outfit shots, simply tiptoe and you'll look taller than usual.

If  you like to air your feet, try slip ons! It has been a great trend these days and every one is all over slip ons and sandals. Great for the summer, isn't it? 

For work days or events, a good pair of heels is a must as well! The height here is great, I adore it. But what I really love is the cutout designs that adds highlights to a normal pair of black heels.

If  you're on the edgy style, this peep-toe booties is something you might want to consider! 

Shoes are very important and comfort is really what you need to look at. More often than not, lousy quality shoes will give you a hard time because imagine putting all your weight on your poor feet! So next time, do remember to find a good pair of shoes to pair your outfit! ;)

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