ETUDE HOUSE Singapore Pink Skull Collection | Perfect for the Halloween!

What would be an even better way to celebrate Halloween other than through releasing a series of cutest Pink Skull makeup collection?  Et...

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What would be an even better way to celebrate Halloween other than through releasing a series of cutest Pink Skull makeup collection? Etude House has done it this year - by coming up with limited edition cosmetic packaging in the theme Pink Skull, making sure Goth has never looked sweeter !

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The makeup items you can expect in this Etude House Pink Skull Collection are eyeshadow palettes, cream blushers, mascaras, lip tints, nail colours, nail art stickers and fragrances. To put them in their specific #pinkskull names...

  • Pink Skull Color Eye Shadow 
  • Pink Skull Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara
  • Pink Skull Cream Blusher
  • Pink Skull Twin Shot Lips Tint
  • Pink Skull Play Nail Polish
  • Pink Skull Play Nail Sticker
  • Pink Skull Colorful Scent Eau de Perfume

 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_3_zpsfbyd3sxd.jpg
Pink Skull Color Eyes in PK001 (SGD 25.90) - A more neutral palette for every day look

 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_11_zpsjtbqdcjo.jpg
 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_4_zpsum52zghd.jpg
Pink Skull Color Eyes in PK002 (SGD 25.90) - A darker palette surrounding burgundy warm tones
This is in particular my favourite because I don't deny, burgundy is my favourite! The colours come off easier from this palette too, I'm guessing cause the shades are darker. PK001 is definitely easier to play with for daily makeup look, but PK002 brings out the fun this halloween!

 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_12_zpsxo84tnu7.jpg

 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_5_zpsiuf02t0y.jpg
Pink Skull Color Eyes in PK002 

 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_0_zpsuhj11cxt.jpg

I've heard raves over Etudehouse Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara. Now some might be happy to hear that it comes in brown too. The three kinds of lash products are:

1. Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Defining Black
2. Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Funky Brown (New!)
3. Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Long Lash (SGD 24.90)

 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_1_zpsrb3mw7v6.jpg
Pink Skull Cream Blusher (SGD 15.90) in two shades - #1 Skull Rose, #2 Funky Pink.

 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_2_zpsuhbydjoe.jpg
Pink Skull Twin Shot Lips Tint (SGD 23.90) in two shades - PK003 Pink X Pumpkin Shot OR RD304 Funky X Skull Shot

Now this Twin Shot Lips Tint is new to me!

This lip tint comes with two tints of different colours and textures. One is a matte mousse tint and the other being a moisturizing glossy liquid tint shot. You can either wear one shade on its own, or blend both together, depending on your likings. Notice the shimmers in the tint? You can use that in the inner lips, layering over the matte lip tint. Koreans love it that way!

 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_6_zpshjzawdmb.jpg

Don't forget to check out Pink Skull Play Nail (SGD5.90) and Pink Skull Play Nail Sticker (SGD4.90) if you're interested in doing your own nails this halloween!

Finally, end your look of the day with Pink Skull Colorful Scent Eau De Perfume (SGD27.90), a perfume with a combination of sweet berry and floral scents, with an empowering base of musk and sandalwood.

I am a fan of sandalwood because I like how to muskiness calms me down. Yet too strong a muskiness can be overwhelming, so a nice welcoming note of berries and florals would be perfect before the notes settle down to the base of musk and sandalwood.

 photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_7_zps9xsazeab.jpg  photo etudehouse pinkskull singapore_10_zpsi8zfivra.jpg
Pink Skull Color Eyes in PK001

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Skull Collection is already available islandwide in all Etude stores!

Thank you #EtudehouseSingapore and Touch PR for the kind invite.

Thanks for reading! ❤

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