Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush is now in Sephora Singapore!

The long awaited Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush is finally here! When I first saw it, I had to admit I wasn't that intrigued by it at...

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The long awaited Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush is finally here! When I first saw it, I had to admit I wasn't that intrigued by it at first. It was until when I saw how Marc Jacobs Beauty's global make up artist, Gilbert Soliz demonstrated on the four different #draping methods to use the blush, I was completely sold. These blushers are incredible. In this post, I'll share with you the four kinds of #draping techniques that makes contouring technique to step aside for now, with the use of newly launched Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush in Sephora.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty's global make up artist, Gilbert Soliz. He is so charming!

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Marc Jacobs Beauty The Blush - Angled Blush Brush No. 10

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush comes in five gorgeous shades:
502 Lines & Last Night - creamsicle/ deep tangerine
506 Flesh & Fantasy - ivory shimmer/ goddess bronze
508 Night Fever & Hot Stuff - cherry/ deep plum
500 Lush & Libido - petal pink/ orchid pink
504 Kink & Kisses - pale petal/ peachy rose

For full swatches on three different kinds of skin tones, Sephora has the swatches perfectly drawn here. 

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The four different kinds of #draping makeup techniques are lift, sculpt, volumize, or balance. Essentially, draping makeup techniques is all about using the concept of 'color glow'. It's about bringing out the highlighted points of your face using colors instead of the usual contouring with a shade darker than your skin.

It's recommended to use the Marc Jacobs Beauty The Blush - Angled Blush Brush No. 10, along with these gorgeous Air Blushes.

And this, the amazing work by Gilbert Soliz perfectly illustrated one of the ways of draping.

#draping makeup technique using Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush:

1. Lifting glow 
To lift, blend the two colours from the Air Blush and apply along the cheekbone, jawline and down to the sides of the neck. The blended blush colour at the high points on the cheekbone is able to give a lifted glow look.

2. Balancing glow
As described in the instagram post above, the two colours from the Air Blush serve to 'contour' undr the cheekbones. Don't forget areas like the peak of the brows to the temples, chin, near the ears and the sides of the neck.

3. Volumizing glow 
Bring focus slightly away from the centre of the face, we want to place the colours strategically on the apples of the cheeks only.

4. Sculpting glow 
This uses the darker shade on the Air Blush to 'contour'. Apply below the apples of the cheeks, low on the face to counterbalance roundness. Then use the lighter shade to highlight.

 photo 82088396-03F4-4E4D-9CEB-8588B40981F3_zpsr8livth0.jpgThe swatches

The one above are swatched using barely a few strokes. To get a darker shade (for swatching purposes only), I had to swatch multiple times to get below image:

 photo F96057CE-DB9D-46B2-B9A8-5FFDFEFB1EBB_zpsqhlw3qms.jpg
But fret not because the color payoff on the cheeks using the blush brush is easily achievable. No need for crazy swatching multiple times to get the colour :P

Apparently, 504 Kink & Kisses is the best seller ever since its launch on Sephora!

 photo 84586F22-9D31-435E-8D78-BEB61DF6BB18_zpsgd3p3cix.jpg photo 7C1E2007-18C5-4F52-89A3-CAEA77C1F84F_zpsx0ajhiwd.jpg

From top left, clockwise:

508 Night Fever &amp
500 Lush & Libido
504 Kink & Kisses
502 Lines & Last Night
506 Flesh & Fantasy,

Hopefully the swatches can give you a gauge on which colours to choose.

If you don't already know, Sephora Singapore will be having their PRIVATE SALE of 20% off EVERYTHING on their site for Black Card members, from 29th - 2 Oct. Guess this is the perfect chance to grab one Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush to try! ;) I'm gonna get some new cosmetics to play around with, so maybe I'll be updating this space with my new buys soon.

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Thank you Sephora Singapore for having us in this Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Masterclass!

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Thanks for reading! ❤

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