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Just a month ago I attended my dear girl Alene's wedding, as a bridesmaid! It was my first t...

Just a month ago I attended my dear girl Alene's wedding, as a bridesmaid! It was my first time being a bridesmaid, and I'm more than glad to be there witnessing my good friend's wedding as a bridesmaid. It's my honor to be helping her with errands on the big day itself.

The one privilege about being a bridesmaid is, you get to dress up too! It's the time you and the bride can pick both pick a dress that complements the bride and commemorate the day with her as one of her best friend, her sister. So when it comes to picking bridesmaid dresses, it's one important task too! ;)

We usually chance upon long elegant evening dresses, like one of the following:

Such dresses are long because it fits the theme (say the bride is wearing a long dress too). Long dresses are elegant, and it'll make you look taller than usual if the dress has a higher waist line. Pair it with high heels and you'll look exceptionally taller too.

Long dresses like this, with a bit of lace elements are very well-received too.

Of course, some ladies on the other hand prefer the design to be focused on the back of the dress. Don't you fancy the cross-back design here? 

That being said, short dresses are also getting more and more popular...

I like the flowy design down the sides of the shoulders. It adds more elegance and femininity to the dress. That V-back and neck line adds a little sexiness to the dress too!

I'm about 1.6m tall, and most of the time long dresses might be a little too long for me. In cases like this, some girls like me would actually prefer short dresses! Short dresses are also more convenient if you expect yourself to run about running errands for the bride.

Which style do you prefer? Long or short evening dresses/ bridesmaid dresses? ;)

Thanks for reading! ❤

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