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We thought the Ombré trend was long over, but it seems like the trend is making a perfect gorgeous comeback! If you've been active o...

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We thought the Ombré trend was long over, but it seems like the trend is making a perfect gorgeous comeback! If you've been active on instagram, you would have seen quite a fair bit of beauty bloggers posting this near complete set of NYX Ombré makeup collection. I have 5 ombré blushes and 8 ombré lip duos, and I can't wait to show them off to you!

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Sleek and simple design, at very affordable prices is what NYX has been leaving an impression to me.

 photo NYX Ombre makeup_2_zps8x39rkye.jpg  photo NYX Ombre makeup_1_zpstzwjj7ef.jpg
NYX Ombré Lip duo SGD23

 photo NYX Ombre makeup_0_zpsi7wrvtx4.jpg
NYX Ombré Blush SGD18

 photo NYX Ombre makeup_15_zpsixswdvuk.jpg  photo NYX Ombre makeup_11_zpsbxqwmrq3.jpg

First, let's talk about the NYX Ombré Lip Duo. A creamy lip pencil that felt almost like crayons. The color comes off so creamy onto my skin while I did the swatches, and the vibrancy of the color simply stole my heart. At only SGD23, I think this matt lip pencil is a good buy, considering there's two ends to the pencil too.

 photo NYX Ombre makeup_13_zpsm2nc30vl.jpg  photo NYX Ombre makeup_16_zpsuifpt5gy.jpg

When blended together, the NYX Ombré Lip Duo will give off a very nice gradient effect for your best ombré look. The gradient here looks a little disjointed because the color has more or less settled down when I took photos of the swatches. It won't look this unnatural when you do it on the lips (provided your lips are moisturised beforehand!).

 photo NYX Ombre makeup_10_zpseqvoti90.jpg

Moving on to the NYX Ombré Blushes (SGD18), which comes in a reasonably thin packaging.

It also comes with in-built mirror which I love about. The only pity is there's no brushes, but that's also how they kept the blush as thin as possible. Other than that, the color still makes a decent one to keep your makeup looking fresh and alert.

 photo NYX Ombre makeup_5_zpsqw4a7egm.jpg  photo NYX Ombre makeup_7_zpsovh5ehwm.jpg

The color payoff for the blushes didn't do as well as the Lip Duos. I find that I have to do at least two swipes to get near the color seen on the blush pan itself.

 photo NYX Ombre makeup_6_zpsd1l2i5no.jpg

The powder does fly around a bit do use with care. If not, this is still considered a good buy considering it's only SGD18. How can we resist such a gorgeous ombre presentation on our blushes? ;)

 photo NYX Ombre makeup_4_zpsxjofswzt.jpg

NYX Ombré makeup collection is available on SEPHORA Singapore.  

Thanks for reading! ❤

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