Biocode Brightening Beverages Review

I don't used to drink supplement drinks because it takes a while to see the effect, let'...

I don't used to drink supplement drinks because it takes a while to see the effect, let's admit it. However, this is the best way to obtain longer-lasting results such as whitening or firmer looking skin. I have been trying out Biocode Brightening Beverages which promises 9X treatments (which I'll reveal to you shortly) and so far, I love how it's a part of my life now. It makes me feel good to have supplements to support my overall well-being and give me whitening effects to my skin..

The 9X treatment is actually:

1. 1st Complete, Macrobiotic Beauty Drink
2. The only Beauty Drink formulated for post aesthetic surgery care
3. Powerful Anti-Oxidant, prevents melanin formation
4. Strengthens immunity, removes free radicals
5. Revitalizes deeper levels of skin, protects skin from the formation of wrinkles
6. Collagen is of minimum molecular weight, maximizes absorption
7. Boosts immunity, maintains intestinal health
8. Improves bodily functions and helps ease menopausal symptoms
9. Exclusively formulated with the world’s branded and patented ingredients

Don't belittle this small bottle of goodness, it contains 3 Patented Ingredients:

- The future star in beauty drinks – highly purified Ellagic acid extracted from pomegranate extract
- Highly purified glutathione extracted from yeast
- MangoSelect® ( Mangosteen extract)

It also contains 3 Superfood Berries: Acai Berry, Cranberry, Blueberry.

I love to chill it first before drinking them every night. It's a very refreshing and healthy drink to have when you're craving for something at night!

How does it taste:
Sweet,  sour and nothing too bitter. It's a small bottle so you can easily finish in two mouthfuls hehe. 

I thought this comparison table is very useful so here you go:

For more on Biocode Brightening Beverages, visit Meditrina website.

They're having promotions now too!

Thanks for reading! ❤

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