Celebrate love with PANDORA Valentine's Collection 2016

"Love". If I were to ask you to relate to the topic love , what would you recount? Is it the person you love dearly and ...


If I were to ask you to relate to the topic love, what would you recount? Is it the person you love dearly and your family that you treasure? Would it be the close friend who is so dear to your heart, or would it be the pet that you have had for the most of your life? 

To many people, love can be made so complicated. Have you ever wonder it's actually us humans who are complicating things? Love can actually be so simple. Love is when you follow your heart and do the things you really want to do, and love the person you know you would want to spend your life with. As cliche as it may sound, love is boundless with no limits to age, gender and even race...

This Valentine's day, celebrate love with PANDORA Valentine's Collection 2016. Present to your loved one the most precious and thoughtful gift to the memorialise the times you and her have been together. Take this chance to present her her most adored gift - the PANDORA accessories. 

I guess when it comes to PANDORA, many would relate back to their signature PANDORA Bracelet with individual charms. I felt that each charm can represents different occasions and mood, likewise reminds you of different important people in your life.  

To me, I will never belittle a PANDORA charm because it can mean so much to someone. 
Imagine receiving a PANDORA charm on different occasion and perhaps from different person (your bf, bff, best friend and even family members). The marvelous idea about PANDORA bracelet is that you are free to mix and match these charms and put them together so that you can carry so much thoughts and memories with you, in just one PANDORA bracelet...

The PANDORA bracelet that I'm wearing here is one of the precious collection in PANDORA's Valentine's Collection 2016. Each piece of charm is crafted with sterling silver and 14k gold, to symbolize importance and true love between you and the wearer of this lovely jewelry.

If you notice, my favorite piece is actually the PANDORA’s Love Locks dangle which is featured right in the middle of this bracelet. Another one worth a mention is the Pandora’s Hearts of Gold charm, decorated with heart-shaped forms set with shimmering stones and cut-out hearts, making is such a stunner among the beauties.

Inspired by the Pandora’s Hearts of Gold, this pair of earrings matches perfectly to the bracelet.

Because the jewelries are already such a stunner, I try not to dress too fanciful by avoiding prints and patterns, and only going for solid and nude colors. Since black is the new gold, I decided to pair the jewelries with a simple black dress and nude heels. A little mash design around the collarbone area makes a simple black dress less dull at the same time.

As usual, I tuck one side of my hair behind my ears to reveal the gorgeous PANDORA dangling earring. You may also opt to tie up your hair to a smart low ponytail to reveal both sides. 

To me, the accessories have to stand out, so I try not to pair it with loud colors like red or colorful theme.

Don't you adore this dainty little necklace from PANDORA Valentine's Collection 2016? 
It signifies two hearts linked together, just like how two persons in love would be... :')

PANDORA accessories are not just for the glamorous outfits and gowns. They can be paired with smart casual outfits to look both classy and chic too!

Since the PANDORA bracelet that I have is a combination of silver and gold, I decided to keep my outfit theme nude and neutral. And as usual, the bracelet that I have was not at all difficult to pair with. In fact, if you prefer more colors in your outfit, you can easily get some colorful charms from PANDORA, include in into an existing PANDORA bracelet and you're good to pair with various outfit themes. 

Don't forget to pair this 14K gold series bracelet along with the similar earrings for a complete look.

Ask me what's one precious gift you could present to your loved one, I guess PANDORA Valentine's Collection 2016 wouldn't disappoint.

Thanks for reading! ❤ 
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