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I didn't know contact lenses can make so much difference to how a person look until I try ...

I didn't know contact lenses can make so much difference to how a person look until I try out these MactTalic contact lenses recently. I got these pairs from a reputable online contact lenses store - ContactlensSG is most probably the safest online store that sells really affordable and authentic contact lenses online, carrying reputable brands like Acuvue, Freshkon and many more. In fact, read on and you may get to enjoy some discounts from!

I'm quite new to this brand MactTalic but nonetheless keen to give it a try since it's coming from my trusty online contact lens store - They sell contact lenses at a much cheaper price and you can even find reputable brands like Bausch and Lomb, Freskkon and Bionics. 

Each pair of Macttalic contact lenses come with a plastic container. There are 5 colors in total: amethyst, gray, hazel, light blue and light green. I have the Amethyst and Hazel. 

I didn't quite expect the effect of these contact lenses to make such a drastic difference. I hardly wear such loud and dramatic cosmetic lenses, so this is a good start! For some ladies, they prefer such lenses to a less obvious cosmetic lenses. Well, each to its own! 

But you can definitely tell the effect of the contact lens is really huge. 

Top: Hazel
Bottom: Amethyst

Macttalic contact lenses in Hazel 

Macttalic contact lenses in Amethyst

I guess I'm really not used to the colour Amethyst (purple) but this is surely great for cosplays or special dress up occasions! The Hazel design on the other hand is much more wearable and it instantly makes your eyes look more alert and alluring. 
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