Packing list for Australia | 10D9N Aussie Trip in June

You know, I always  love to do up a post on a packing list. It saves me a lot of time if I were to pack for another trip which is very...

You know, I always  love to do up a post on a packing list. It saves me a lot of time if I were to pack for another trip which is very similar. So here I am, preparing a full detailed packing list for a 10 day trip to Australia! I'll be heading to Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney! :) The temperature will be around 20 degree and will drop by around 3-5 degree when the night kicks in.

3 one-piece outfit
8 tops (you can cut down on this)
5 sets undergarment
3 pair of long pants/jeans 
2 pairs of leggings 
5 pairs of socks
1 jacket
1 long coat 

2 pairs of sunglasses
1 sling bag 
1 nice pair of flats
1 pair of comfy sneakers
1 pair of running shoes (to gym in hotel)
1 pair of slippers
2 set pyjamas

My Laneige moisturising skincare collection
Spray mist (to constantly hydrate while on-the-go)
Cotton pads (for skincare)
Makeup remover
Simple cosmetic items
A few mask sheets
Sun block & Body moisturiser from Belif 
Small sample size to constantly replenish your moisturisers when outside. 

Ear piece (from Sudio Sweden
Portable charger 
Wifi device (yourwifi)
Extra memory cards
Electrical adaptor
VISA for Australia holiday

Passport (make sure it's not expiring)
Toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo etc)
Vacuum bag to save space upon return
 Credit cards (remember to activate overseas use)
Photocopy of passports, credit cards, insurance etc
Insect repellent (for Mt Tambourine)
Driving License
Ziplock bags
Hair straightener (my GlamPalm!!)

Some other important information: 
1. Remember to apply for Australian ETA Visa, yes even for Singaporean passports.
2. Remember to apply for overseas driving permit. 
3. Remember to photocopy all your important documents and duplicate them. 
4. Public transportation is expensive here in Aussie. If travelling in group, you may want to consider renting a car.
5. Road trip is recommended! 
I have too much to say although I'm now only halfway through my trip. Should I do a travel guide to Gold Coast and Sydney? :D 
Kangaroo is more interested in taking photo than eating! Hehehe. 

Thanks for reading! ❤ 
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  1. Hey. Lovely blog. This shopping list is very handy. I will be visiting Syd and Mel this month and have to get packing.


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