The importance of Singapore internship experiences to students

Hello readers! :) In case I've not officially announce this, I have already finished the v...

Hello readers! :) In case I've not officially announce this, I have already finished the very last exams of my entire education life and am awaiting my graduation date and ceremony! It'll be in July, and I'm going to start my work in August... 
Sounds really intimidating actually! But good thing is I'm not exactly very unprepared for work because my school has been enforcing us to take up compulsory internships during my course of study, and I can't emphasise how important is it to take up an internship in Singapore

So let's see.. before I enter University (which is four years ago!), I did take up part time jobs for students like working in restaurants and mostly events. It was fun making friends and doing ad hoc jobs, but nothing beats doing a Singapore internship. Under internship programs, it's more formal and you have the rights to expect to learn something out of the internship, if not it doesn't justify the lower pay you are getting compared to a part-time hourly rate. It happened to me in my first university internship so my friend and I had to voice out our concerns to our supervisor to tell him how we felt. 
Internship aside, we also have a lot of part time jobs in Singapore. I'm definitely encouraging youngsters to take up part time jobs because it makes them more financially independent. Likewise, you are definitely expanding your network and you won't know how important networks are! Working also helps to grow a person mentally to be more mature and independent, so why not? 
I'm also aware that there are many jobs portal in Singapore to help you find more internships or part time jobs in Singapore, or even part time jobs for is a very good platform and what's more, it's entirely free to signup as a Jobseeker or Employer on their portal! 

In fact, has an additional feature that provides career planning guidance for students! I tell you what, this is really useful to you students because I used to read up on these tips. So don't wait anymore! Head to and SIGN UP for your free account ;)

Thanks for reading! ❤
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