4D3N Bangkok Thailand Itinerary for Shoppers

It's been a while travellers! Been a while since I last did a travelogue for all the Bkk lovers out there. My previous two...

It's been a while travellers! Been a while since I last did a travelogue for all the Bkk lovers out there. My previous two articles on 15 delicious Bangkok street food and Ultimate Bangkok travel guide have received very well reads, so I would like to thank you guys by writing yet another article on Bangkok Travels! This time round, I'm keeping it simple by just penning down my 4 days itinerary for my third time to Bangkok! I practically know how to navigate around myself in the popular shopping area, and I want you to benefit as well :)

Before I spam you with all the photos, here's the brief outline of our itinerary. 

Shop around Siam area 
Walked around Siam centre, Siam paragon and Siam discovery
Lunch at Greyhound cafe (Siam Centre)
Dessert at Afteryou Cafe
Massage at Chang Foot Massage 
Dinner at Som Tam Nua (famous!)
Dessert at Mango Tango 

Chatuchak weekend market for around 3-4 hours
Lunch in Chatuchak market
Went back hotel to shower 
Temple place to pray 
Massage at Amarin (good and bad service)
Dinner at Bhan Khun Mae (Thai Cuisine)
Dessert at Audrey Crepe Cake, Siam Centre 

Pratunam Morning Market 
Shop at Platinum Mall 
Lunch at wanton mee (overrated!)
Shop at Big C (for seaweed and food!)
More shopping at Siam Area (night markets best)
Dinner - Street Food

Check out hotel, left luggage at counter
Purr cat cafe - BTS ThongLo
More shopping at Platinum mall 
Grab some street food along the way back to hotel
Fly home :(

**Purple words are food-related**

PS: This itinerary totally missed out the great seafood around the ChinaTown area. I went there once on my second visit and I definitely recommend you to go enjoy cheap awesome seafood there. It was a pity I couldn't visit this time cos it was a little far and my friends aren't very interested in seafood. So try to slot in seafood feast in your own itinerary because... who doesn't like CHEAP SEAFOOD!? :D

People ask me where should I stay in Bangkok, I actually recommend two areas in particular: 

1. The first is the SIAM area. Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam has the BEST location ever because it's a few minutes walk away from the three big shoppings centres - Siam Centre, Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon, with a new addition, Siam Square 1!
Their rooms are very nice too!
Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam Superior Room
2. Pratunam Area will be the place that is nearer to shopping areas like the morning Pratunam Market and Platinum Mall. Cheap hotels like Citin and Budacco are hotels I used to stay in my previous visits. They also have better street food here for my midnight cravings. However, this area requires longer walking to shopping areas like Siam shopping centres and Platinum Mall. 


Day 1: All about shopping in Shopping centres!

But first, let's check out to another hotel! Our first night stay was at Holiday Inn Express Sathorn. 
Address: 51 Soi Pipat Silom, Bangrak Bangkok, 10500 Thailand
Near BTS Chong Nonsi.

Taking train (BTS) around Bangkok is actually quite easy to navigate around. However, it can be quite crowded sometimes so taxis can be a better alternative. Since taxi is relatively cheap, I would recommend taking cab if the distance is short. However, if you are going to Chatuchak, take the train because it's WAY FASTER and you can avoid the traffic jam. In case you don't know, Chatuchak is actually quite far away from the city centre. 

And keeping myself safe and sound with my wifi device from VisionData. I can't emphasise enough how much convenience it brought me in this Bangkok Trip. I simply navigate myself around with the help of wifi. I also make sure the cab driver isn't driving to somewhere other than our desired location hahaha. I also highly recommend this for those travelling in group because this wifi device can be shared with 5 people! 

Lunch at GreyHound. Service has deteriorated from the previous time I was here. Food was mediocre as well :( But the fried chicken wings are good though!

Yum yum my tum tum!

And of course, not missing out the highly rated After You Dessert Cafe!!! 
Address: Siam Square One, Ground Floor

We were really full from our dinner so we only shared one Shibuya Honey Toast and it was probably..... the BEST toast I've ever tried. It's groundbreaking-ly awesome.

After walking around for a while, you can guess where's our next destination. Nothing beats a good massage and so we googled for the best massage place (and all thanks to my wifi device else I won't be able to check so conveniently), and we arrived at Chang Foot Massage as one of the best massage place in Bangkok!

 Chang Foot Massage
Siam Square Soi 6 
Daily: 10am – 12 Midnight 
Nearest BTS: Siam

The massage place was so popular that we have to wait for our turn. It's my first time having to WAIT for my massage. Ok, fine. all for the good reviews.

Turns out, I think their upper body massage is better than their foot massage. So there you have it, a tip for you to do their body massages instead!

And finally, dinner at yet another highly raved thai restaurant in Bangkok - Som Tam Nua!
Apparently they have now shifted to Siam Square Soi 5 instead.

I can only say their food is decent, and you get to eat your dinner at a nice cozy setting. Food quality wise, it can never beat the street food around Pratunam area, but that's the compromise because you don't have a nice environment to have your dinner. Som Tam Nua is just decent, nothing very special. If you wanna try, go for their rendition of Tom Yum soup and papaya salad of course. Oh but wait, their Thai iced milk tea was good though! :D

Bangkok is really all about eating, so my dear Alene brought us to Mango Tango, which is just few streets away from Som Tam Nua. Can't believe we seriously go for desserts straight after our dinner! Gluttony much. 

Their mango desserts, be it mango sticky rice or mango sago, are all pretty well done. A little overpriced I would say, but you're basically paying for a nice air-conditioned environment compared to the street food. Some people don't mind paying for a clean environment, so it's really up to you. 

And time to call it a day by taking a tuk tuk back to our hotel! It was our dear Kymm's first ever tuk tuk ride hahhaa! You can tell the ride was slightly more excited and bumpy such that Alene had to arm-lock us :P

Before heading back to our cozy rooms, we just had to buy some snacks back! Seaweed goes well with our Oishi drinks!

My hotel room at Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 for my second night stay.
Address: 30 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana Bangkok.

For all the pub lovers who love to chill around with a beer on hand, Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 is the best place for you to stay. Once step out of the hotel, there are at least more than 10 pubs just a stone's throw away. It's also only 5-10mins walk away from a BTS station, very convenient! Great for the night owls. 


Day 2: Chatuchak weekend market here we go!

As previously mentioned, it's always better to take the BTS to Chatuchak weekend market because the market is quite far out of the city centre so you'll be caught in the traffic jam etc. Besides, the train ride was about less than half an hour ride from Siam BTS? 

Happy girls ready to attack the Chatuchak Weekend market!! 

Before that, was taking photo for my instagram flatlay hahaha. 
Have you followed me? :P (@chiamhuiy)

It was very crowded when we alighted but just follow the crowd and you'll reach the Chatuchak market!!!! 

Before we go, it's important to strategise where you want to start from hahhaha. 

And we decided to start our battle with a cooling coconut drink of course!

And dinner at this very famous chicken noodle store. 
Find: Section 21, Soi28/1 292-307

And if you noticed, the weather was SO hot that Alene and I immediately changed into our newly bought tank tops. 

And as we have promised ourselves, not leaving the chatuchak market without trying the legendary mochi balls. Mochi balls at chatuchak, just right outside Section 24: Soi 34! 

Iced mochi balls best for the crazy weather in Bangkok.

Kymm's favourite quail eggs! 
PS: Seriously all this blogging is making me crave for bangkok food right now.... now!

And of course my FAVOURITE of all, mango sticky rice!! So cheap so good, I wanna cry :(

To be honest, shopping at chatuchak can be cheap but the weather isn't really on our side. I figured it could have been much more easier and comfortable to shop in the platinum mall (with air condition), so we gave up on chatuchak after a while. 

And guess the next location after we're done with shopping at Chatuchak maket? 

The half naked men stall selling papaya salad!!! It's not my idea to come here ok... Hahahah! Look at the two evil girls at a corner laughing at me as I shyly take a photo of the men... oh I mean the stall. 

And the boss awkwardly ask us to take the photos with his boys. Strange enough, we were the only tourists at his stall and most of the customers are actually Thais. The portion of their papaya salad was HUGE such that we couldn't finish it. It's not too ex either!

And once done, we couldn't wait to just get back to our hotels and get refreshed with a quick shower! Since we're all carrying lots of stuff, we didn't want to squeeze on the train hence a tuktuk instead. Another quick bangkok tip: Tuktuk are always more expensive than taxis, but they are faster because tuktuk drivers tend to swivel around the roads and navigate through narrow alleys.  

After our shower, we left our hotel to do some last minute errands like Alene visiting the Erawan Shrine (Hindu Shrine that houses a statue of Phra Phrom, Hindu creation God) while Kymm wandered off to boots pharmacy to buy some cosmetics!

Erawan Shrine

Then we had our massage at this place in Amarin Plaza. Although the massage was good, I was VERY turned off with my masseur demanding tips from me after me singing praises to her being good at my massage. So, no recommendation for coming here! I'm not even gonna tell you where's this massage place *yawns*, they don't deserve free publicity. 
Either way, here's her stepping on me and she claimed I'm the first asian girl who can tolerate such pain. Thanks thanks!!

We wanted to have dinner at Som Tam Nua again but I think it was closed or something, so we landed at Ban Khun Mae, which is right opposite Som Tam Nua. Food was decent and authentic, a little pricey so avoid the prawns because it wasn't worth it. Otherwise, basic dishes like the soup, phad thai and papaya salad were great.

458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road, Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330


Day 3: Pratunam area and Platinum Mall!

Waking up next day on this big comfy bed at Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam. 
Address: 889 Rama 1 Road, Wang Mai, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

We were staying in the superior room so there was ample space for them to place an extra bed for me. Overall, the service was great and I love how the staff always give us good advice when we ask them for it. Like they were the ones who gave us directions to the chatuchak market!

And girls being girls, must take selfies before leaving our hotel room!

Alene and Kymm wanted to try out the free breakfast at Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam. As usual, Alene is totally in love with their fried rice!

As for me, I got myself this awesome Thai Iced Tea from a stall near the pratunam area. Oh, we had to take a cab from Siam to Pratunam cos it can be quite a long walk. 

While Kymm had to get her crepe fix.

After some walking, I finally found my favourite barbecued squid!!! I've mentioned this so many times, including in one of my popular Bangkok post here: 15 delicious Bangkok street food, don't miss it!

Bangkok Shopping Tip: ATM in Platinum Mall
If you run out of cash as your shopping temptation gets out of hand, don't worry as there are ATMs around in the Platinum Shopping Mall. They charge a service fee of 180Baht, which is about SGD7. If not, they also have UOB Bank ATMs at the basement of Platinum Shopping Mall, and at that point of time I only wish I have activated my UOB card for overseas use! Not use if they will charge service fee though.

And then we went totally crazy with seaweed at this shop at the top level of Platinum Shopping Mall. Seaweed, we can't say no!

And as we call it a day and decide to get some high tea at Audrey Crepe Cake, Siam Centre....
My RBF, aka resting bitch face. I was SO tired you know?
 And there was a long queue for Audrey Crepe Cake, which is very not worth it.

 And before 7pm, the girls have to leave the hotel to catch their flight. I stayed for an extra night because thankfully I wasn't working and I wanted a day more to explore Bangkok alone! Can't deny I was terrified to walk around alone at night but after a while, it wasn't that bad! Bangkok after all isn't very dangerous and as we all say, every where is dangerous but you can stay safe as long as you stay vigilant.

And to stay safe, I stay makeup-less as well

And the moment I have the time, I actually walked ALL THE WAY from Siam to Pratunam area. It was more than 20mins walk, but I was afraid of taking the cab alone so... yeah. But guess what? When I finish buying my street food, I decided to heck it and take the cab because I was really tired of walking! Besides, I got into a cab with a very kind driver!
TIP: I take those cab where passengers just alighted right before me, so I know it's more safe. 
A wefie with my favourite two stall owners - Left: Tom yum soup, Right: Prataaaa! 

 Along the way while walking, there were a huge night market near the Siam area. I got myself 3 such tops at only SGD8 each, and they're of superb quality!

Day 4: My solo-travel for half a day!

At first I just wanted to visit the Platinum Shopping mall again for my last half day, but my friend actually recommended me to visit the cat cafe instead. Turned out, it was a decision well-made! I had such a great time playing with the cats here, much better than just spending my money away at shopping hahaha.

Purr Cafe Cafe Bangkok 
63 Soi Sukhumvit 53,Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Nearest Station: Thong Lo

Be warned, lots of selfies with the cats ahead!!

Whatssupppp sleepy cat

 So many cats I can't contain my excitement!!!

"Can you just STOP disturbing my sleep!?"

I also paid more for a cup of cat milk and once the cats hear the glass sound, they were like swarming around me waiting for me to lift up the lid for them to lick off the milk heheheh. So therapeutic!

Not sure if hanging my head off the table would be more comfortable...

After a good one hour at Purr Cat cafe, I decided it's time to leave and continue my shopping spree at the Platinum Mall. I didn't want to walk all the way to the station again so I flagged for the motorbikes taxi, which costs only 10baht!! It was so fuss free and fast, so I suggest you to take the bike when you come visit the cat cafe. 
Seriously, doing crazy things alone is so fun and exciting! What an experience.

Grabbing my lunch off a street stall and it's the best pig trotter rice ever...

 After my lunch, it's time to head to the airport to catch my plane :(
Train or Cab to the Bangkok airport? 
When we arrived the airport, it was three of us so we could share the cab fare to our hotels. It was about 450 to 500 Baht (~SGD20). But when I need to return to the airport on my last day, I merely spend 70 Baht (~SGD3) on train rides because it's faster and safer for a girl alone.

Goodbye Bangkok! Till next time!
And finally, I've come to the end of this long detailed 4D3N Bangkok Thailand Itinerary! Not sure what keeps me going to write this itinerary because there's so much to write and so many photos to edit! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by leaving a comment or emailing me. I also welcome any partners who would like to collaborate with me on my future travel plans! 

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! ❤ 
It means a lot to me for you to read all the way till the end :') If you like this post, remember to share it with your friends!


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