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Credits: x Eyeshadow palette wasn’t really my thing, and yes I’m quite asha...

Credits: x

Eyeshadow palette wasn’t really my thing, and yes I’m quite ashamed to say this. It’s really not easy for me to put on eyeshadow because I always ended up looking like a panda since I’m a double eyelid. I do not have proper crease line,  distinct eye sockets and my upper eyelids always look puffy.  Usually, the must have make up item for me is the eyeliner. I can make do with that and basically nothing else, but I guess eyeshadow has to be there to enhance the look!

So I chanced upon ZALORA Singapore and there are a few makeup palette sets that caught my eyes:
Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette takes on more earthy shades all in matte texture. You can tell some shades are more suited for highlighting while the rest are mainly the basic colours that will never go wrong.

For the more adventurous or fickle-minded, the TooFaced Return of Sexy Eye Shadow Palette would be a good buy since it contains three colour themes in just one palette. I really like the middle theme - pinkish and cool tones!

And perhaps lip palettes for those lippie lovers as well? ;)
I love how the Rouge Artist Lip Palette Cool Pink 2 palette has 5 easily wearable shades, yet at times bringing out the boldness through vivid colours.

And that sums up my post identifying the items on my wishlist now. Hopefully I'll get to save up asap before these products run out on ZALORA! 

Thanks for reading! ❤
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This post is brought to you by ZALORA Singapore. 

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