LunchClick, Singapore's first female-centric dating app

Today's topic is a little interesting because I'll be talking about a dating app per ...

Today's topic is a little interesting because I'll be talking about a dating app per say. We have came across quite a few dating apps itself and personally, I didn't have much experience with such apps so I'm quite excited to try out LunchClick.

LunchClick is a dating app that caters more toward the female masses to be the first female-centric application. Nope, that does not mean males will be excluded (if not, how to match!?), so do allow me do explain further ;)

To increase security and align with the SDN Accreditation (benchmark for dating agencies and practitioners to attain high standards of professionalism and service delivery to singles), the registration for LunchClick app is that it requires NRIC and sign up through facebook. The former actually ensures there are no married person trying to find dates through this app. 

Two another unique points about this app - there's a real person who will converse with me, and there is only one match a day. Why so? A match a day will reduce the possibility of users abusing the application and swiping endlessly to check out girls' profiles.

A good note is that there's a real person to address my issues and questions as and when I have!
(Yes, I know there's a grammar mistake there. "one match" and not "one matches" hehe)

At 12 noon sharp, I GOT A MATCH! Hahaha. I think I may go ahead trying out if I'm single....but nope I'm taken and very happy about it! ^.^ 

For the first 1000 users who use the "propose a date" feature on our app and go out on a real-life date, LunchClick will sponsor their meals! I mean, free meals for dating, why not?! Give it a try!

You can now download LunchClick from the app store and the play store today.

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