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Some of you might have already came across my previous article detailing my first review on  Laser Hair Removal  at Dr Tyng Tan Aesthet...

Some of you might have already came across my previous article detailing my first review on Laser Hair Removal at Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic Singapore. While some readers came to me and asked me personally some questions about this hair removal treatment, my close friends themselves also witnessed the result when they meet me in real life and were simply amazed.

Today's post will be an update on the results after three sessions of Laser Hair Removal treatments and I'll be happy to share with you some photos of the results! Most importantly, I really find myself a good testimony of this treatment because my body hair has reduced tremendously and I practically do not have much body hair now. I can now flaunt my (not so long) legs and be confident when I wear sleeveless clothing or dresses. 
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Before I start, perhaps it'll be good to show you a before and after photo to summarise the whole post ahead. As you can tell from the 'BEFORE' photo, I have a great amount of body hair on both my arms and legs. As identified by my certified doctor, Dr Tyng, my hair incline towards long fine hair growing in a very compact manner. 

As before, I'll carry out some question and answers for your easy reading.  
For more information, you may want to read my first review post here. 
Results after two sessions: Amount of hair did grow back but in a significantly lesser amount

How long does the treatment session take? 
For underarms (armpits), it takes some time for the numbing cream to take effect hence coupled with this waiting time, it should take about half hour for that area. 

For both my arms and legs, since they're of a bigger area, they require longer time which I estimate to be about 30-45mins. Then again, all these are subjected to individual's conditions (some may have more hair). 

Was it painful? 
The underarm areas are more sensitive to pain because they are seldom exposed to sunlight. For the limbs, it gets a little more discomfort around the boney areas. Overall, the pain level is tolerable and in my honest opinion, very worth it. 

Also did laser hair removal for my thigh area during my third visit to Dr Tan's Aesthetics And Hair Clinic 
Is it worth the discomfort and money? 
Very much. I am saying this for many reasons. 
Unlike IPL or temporary hair removal, laser hair removal gives a longer-term result and a permanent reduction of body hair. After three sessions so far, there are still hair growing but they are so negligible such that I can't even notice them unless I scrutinise closely. There's no down time, no risks and most importantly, it permanently solves my hairy problem.

My third session was a little different because the doctor has decided to increase the laser frequency for that session. Reason being, my skin is more or less used to the previous frequency level and it needs a higher frequency to fully eradicate the growth of some stubborn hair. At the end of the day, the higher the frequency and the more sessions you undergo, the longer it takes for the hair to grow back again. 

Final words 
If I have the financial capability, I will definitely go for this treatment without a second thought. I used to have so much body hair, it makes me quite self-conscious. One of the happiest things I derive from the result is that I can have super smooth and clean legs. The sight of hairless legs is so pleasing! I really can't stop admiring my legs. 

If you're interested, give Dr Tyng Tan's Aesthetics And Hair Clinic a thought! Dr Tan is a meticulous and sweet doctor. I always feel at ease when she comes into the treatment room to check on me. Since the third session used a higher frequency, she constantly checked with me throughout the treatment session whether I was alright and do I need a break. For that, thank you for your thoughtfulness, Dr Tan! 

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