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I am pretty certain that SKII needs no introduction. When I think of SKII, I'll think of the advertisement video showing how the s...

I am pretty certain that SKII needs no introduction. When I think of SKII, I'll think of the advertisement video showing how the scientists discovered the secret of how a 70 year old granny could maintain a pair of soft and youthful pair of hands. I count myself really blessed to be selected to join in the roundtable discussion with famous youtubers like Rae, Nayoung and Suzi as we discussed some of our beauty habits and SKII itself! 

Likewise, I was given the SKII Facial Treatment Essence set to review and here's my take...

As I bagged home the SK-II Pitera Essence Set Red Flower Limited Edition, I decided to replace my usual beauty products with the SKII Facial treatment essence and clear lotion into my regime to see how great this 'Miracle Water' is! Honestly, I love the frosted bottle the SKII Facial Treatment Essence comes in. It just feels classy on my hands but of course this is out of the point. 

To properly apply the clear lotion, dispense a small amount to a clean cotton pad and wipe it across your face. Just like a normal toner, I find SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion pretty lightweight and easily absorbable. It doesn't leave any sticky or tightening feel. 

Moving on to the star of the set and probably the whole SKII brand - the SKII Facial Treatment Essence.

Like how it's named as the "Miracle Water", the treatment essence really looks and feels like water... except the scent. Despite the stench (from its Piterac essence), many people continue to use this product by putting up with the stench simply because it's really good. 

By dispensing at least a tablespoon of SKII Facial Treatment Essence onto my palm, I then slather the essence onto my face before patting it dry for full absorption. Throughout the application, I admit I have to hold my breath but all I was thinking is this product is doing good to my skin. 

My take:
After the product is fully dried and absorbed into my skin, it doesn't feel sticky nor drying at all. Then again, I personally feel that it alone is not enough to keep my skin fully moisturized. I have a T-zone area and a DRY U-zone area, and the most treatment essence can do is to act as an essence, giving me that glow from within. On top of that, I definitely have to apply serum or emulsion after this step, else my skin (U-zone) will be really dry.

To sum it up, I do feel that the SKII Facial Treatment Essence is helpful to give my face that glow from within. I've been using this for two weeks and every time I wake up, I see my face glowing and I know I must give thanks to SKII Facial Treatment Essence!

And of course, it was great getting close to the famous youtubers and understanding in person how their beauty regimes are like. I guess not many can be as knowledgable as these smarty brains behind the youtube videos, and of course I stole some beauty tips from these lovely ladies too.

Time to learn how you can utilize the Facial treatment Essence in a Japanese Skincare Routine

Thank you SKII, OMY and Cosmopolitan for making this cozy session possible! 

Thanks for reading! ❤ 


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  1. I think the real advantages of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence can only be understood or seen in the long term. Or that's my conclusion after I asked my friends and long-term users about it. They've been using it two and three years! And at least about one of them can I say that her skin is a-may-zing, because I often see her in person and in broad daylight, and her skin is envy inducing. I wrote about my friends' experience with the Essence, too, in case you're interested:


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