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You'll be super surprised if I tell you I hardly use mascaras as my lashes are so short to being with, putting mascara or not will no...

You'll be super surprised if I tell you I hardly use mascaras as my lashes are so short to being with, putting mascara or not will not make a difference. And cos I'm single eyelid, half of my lashes tend to be covered by my eyelids when I open my eyes. Then again, you'll be every more surprised as I'm about to tell you that today's review is all about mascaras (WHAT? You don't even use them how are you gonna review?). You'll know as you continue reading and find out how these CLIO mascaras change my life. 

CLIO is a drugstore makeup brand that is no stranger to many of us. I recall they have really great liquid liners which doesn't smudge and can stay really resistant. So nothing can hide my excitement when I found out they have launched salon-styling mascaras for lashes. That means, the mascara brushes are designed differently just like how different hair-styling brushes work on our hair.

CLIO Salon-styling mascaras come in 3 special designs with a special wand modeled after hairstyling tools, and they are: CLIO Salon de cara in 001 Har Roll Cara, 002 Roll Brush Cara and 003 Finger Cara. 

Overall, you need to know that each CLIO Salon-styling mascara wand is modeled after salon-styling tools. For instant, they look just like hair brushes! How cute and meticulous. Also, the mascaras contain salon-inspired formulas like volume powder and hair waxes for achieving different effects. Finally, popular ingredients like Argan Oil (repair hair damage) and Ceramide (smoothen hair cutilcles and lock in moisture) are included in these mascaras as well.

If you're wondering, each CLIO Salon de Cara gives you the option of purchasing with the heating curler. 

And here's a break down of my review for the 3 individual CLIO Salon-styling mascaras, in point form so that the information is concise and easy to read. 


Roll brush mascara 001

Roll brush mascara 001
- extends my already short lashes really well
- lashes stays upright and curled without using curler
- does have the curling effect on its own
- super easy to remove with eye makeup remover
- dries on lashes very quickly
-does not leave residue upon removing
-doesn't not smudge
- clumps together very easily upon accidental rubbing of eyes


Hair roll mascara 002

Hair roll mascara 002, for drama-mama effect
- coats lashes more evenly and smoothly (very impressive)
- gives a lot more volume with the mascara formula
- smudges more easily probably due to the thicker mascara formula
- takes longer to dry
- still easy to remove but leaves a bit of residue which takes more effort to remove
(but still relatively easier than other brands)


Finger mascara 003

Finger mascara 003, for those who prefers to have a less dramatic effect, but will achieve the long lashes effect.
- easy to coat on
- able to lengthen the lashes
- doesn't look very voluminous (for simple look)
- doesn't look too over the top
- doesn't smudge easily
- not as voluminous 

I will be in such a big dilemma if you were to ask me to pick a favorite out of these 3 CLIO Salon-styling mascaras. Each of them has its pros and cons. Perhaps I'll rule out Finger Mascara (003) since it can pretty much achieve the look using roll brush mascara(001)

Back to the very first photo you see, the three mascaras are pretty much very different and caters to different kinds of lashes. 001 Hair Brush can coat evenly, 002 Roll Brush creates a very voluminous effect and the last one, 003 Finger Cara coats with a thin layer for a more natural look. So pick on that really suit your lashes! In fact, I actually use two mascaras to achieve a combined effect, woolala!

Remember how I mentioned at the start of this post that I hardly use mascara? Not anymore because finally something works on my short lashes :B

Thanks for reading! ❤
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  1. Hey Celine, I recently got the Finger Cara from one of my beauty hauls and am reading about it and I saw your review!! I guess the mascara is pretty nice with the electronic curler and its non-clumpy.. However am not too pleased with the "Caterpillar Legs" effect it produces.. Guess having caterpillar legs is better than not having any visible lashes at all! Hehehehe :p


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