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Apologies on the hiatus on the Ecobeau range I used a while back! Finally i'm back to review the remaining three items from the pr...

Apologies on the hiatus on the Ecobeau range I used a while back! Finally i'm back to review the remaining three items from the product range, which includes: 

4. Ecobeau Loess Nutritive Mask (120ml)
5. Ecobeau Nutritive Cream (50ml)
6. Ecobeau Eye Cream (15ml)

To find out how they fair for acne-prone skin, you'll have to read on to find out!
Find part 1 here.

Ecobeau Loess Nutritive Mask (120ml)

Our skin occasionally require masking for regular maintanence. In this case, the Ecobeau Loess Nutritive Mask (120ml) has anti-wrinkle and whitening effect and comes in a peel-off mask type. First the colour of the mask is really interesting. I have no idea why is it brown but it's quite funny when I scare my family with a 'brown' face when I have the mask on hahah.

Ecobeau Loess Nutritive Mask 

To use the mask, simply lather the mask all over your face evenly and create the layer of mask. Just leave on for about 10-15 minutes until if fully dries and that indicates the right time to peel of the mask. If it's fully dried, you can actually peel off the mask without much residue left. 

Ecobeau Loess Nutritive Mask 

My skin feels really smooth immediately after peeling off the mask. I believe constant usage of the mask does create the whitening effect. I also enjoy peeling off the mask the FRET NOT, it doesn't hurt at all unlike some products which can be really drying or worse still, so glued to the skin that it hurts during peeling. This Loess Nutritive Mask creates a very thin and fragile layer that is easy to peel off. 

I realize all the products from the Ecobeau range is really lightweight and non-greasy. For instance, the Ecobeau Nutritive Cream (50ml) feels very very light when applied onto my face, although it's supposed to be a very nourishing and moisturizing cream. 

On a side note, I have to tell you it doesn't smell really nice to me though! Reason being, Ecobeau doesn't use artificial coloring and perfume , that's why it's a natural scent. I guess it's all worth it because this cream is made from "herb medicine extract for antimicrobial, hydrant and nutritive properties, and is an enriched natural hydrator and whitening (reinforced) solution. Formulated with functional nourishment, the anti aging cream penetrates deep into the inner skin and serves as the best food for radiant complexion." -Ecobeau

Even on the next morning, my skin still feels hydrated from the cream applied just the night before. I use this whenever I feel that there's a need to moisturise my face. 


Finally the Ecobeau Nutritive Eye Cream. Similar to the Nutritive Cream, this cream-based eye cream feels rather lightweight and non-greasy when applied to my under eyes. "This Natural Base Eye Cream is specially formulated to sooth and refresh tired eyes (antioxidant). It promotes blood circulation (tannin, oleic acid & linoleic acid )and has anti-aging properties that aid in skin cell renewal." -Ecobeau

The good thing about this product is that it comes in a tube bottle so you can easily dispense the amount of eye-cream you prefer. Some eye cream comes in bottle and you cannot imagine how unhygienic it is to dip your finger into the cream to lift off some cream for application. 

Directions: I gently pat the cream onto my under eyes to ensure full absorption. 

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Thanks for reading! ❤
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