Love & Co. celebrates royal affair with LVC Aqueen

Time for me to get a wedding ring soon? Hahaha, not so soon.. I was only invited down to Love & Co's event to celebrate a roman...

Time for me to get a wedding ring soon? Hahaha, not so soon.. I was only invited down to Love & Co's event to celebrate a romantic love affair with LVC Aqueen, a Love & Co's collection to symbolise the test of time in a royal love story. 

It was a rather good opportunity for me to find out the ring that suits my finger and of course that has to cater to my preferences and likings. Was there with my lovely babe, June and her boyfriend, and we managed to try out a few rings before deciding on one that each of us really like. 

Credits: Love & Co.
The LVC Aqueen Bands are more than how they look like in the photo above. The thick wedding band is in fact detachable so couples can actually change the ring that they feel like wearing on that day itself. Like how it's said to be, it is a "perfect definition of timeless fashion".

It's my very first time in my life trying out so many rings at one go and sure was I blown away with so many varieties and ring types. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to go through all their collection since I was rushing for another event, but thankfully I was still able to pick a pick that I really adore. 
The most typical and simplistic diamond ring successfully stole my heart

Apologies for not taking more photos about the LVC collection, but let me tell you more about the collection. "The LVC Proponere comprises 8 pairs of alluring couple bands with designs raining from alluring platinum bands to exquisite platinum bands with a touch of yellow and rose gold". 

Personally, I am more inclined to rose gold for non-wedding accessories like the necklaces and bracelets. In fact in the photo above, I am wearing a necklace that is made of rose gold and it has been my favourite necklace so far. For wedding rings, I guess I'm more towards the traditional side so I prefer silver for that. 

June's and her boyfriend's choice of rings.

Trying out my ring size

Love & Co. is a premier jeweller that specialises in couple bands, jewellery and diamond solitaires. If you're looking for couple rings or even wedding rings, first of all congratulations! You probably would not want to miss out Love & Co.'s wide collection of contemporary couple jewellery that excuses both masculinity and felinity. Their showrooms are at:

ION Orchard
#B2-64, Singapore 238801
Tel: +­65 ­­6509 ­8633
Plaza Singapura
#01-07, Singapore 238839
Tel: +­65 ­6835 ­7533
Suntec City
#01-368, Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6333 1433
Tampines Mall
#01-25, Singapore 529510
Tel: +­65 ­6789 ­3733
#01-145/146, Singapore 098585
Tel: +­65 ­­6376 ­9033
#01-16, Singapore 608532
Tel: 6465 9233
Thank you for helping me find my perfect ring! :)

Thanks for reading! ❤


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