CRÈME SIMON Brightening Detox Range [Review]

Remember exactly a month ago, I announced cheerfully the introduction of Crème Simon, an establi...

Remember exactly a month ago, I announced cheerfully the introduction of Crème Simon, an established French skincare brand founded in 1860 into Singapore? Finally, I'm ready to give a full detailed review of it and I'm pretty sure many of us would like to know how this long established brand fairs on Asian skins. Don't forget, the brand's Brightening Detox Range, consisting of 12 products are all thoughtfully customised for Asia's climate and Asian skin.

In order to cater to Asia's climate, Crème Simon has tailored its products to such unique conditions. That explains the innovation icon on the packaging which indicates whether it's for hot climate (sun), humid climate (water droplets) or cold climate (snowflake). Crème Simon offers lightweight textures (and I can vouch for this because I've tried their products) even without the use of silicones. PS: Silicones are usually the ingredient used in makeup products to achieve the matte look.

Crème Simon Brightening Detox Range features optimised ingredients such as 1. Wheat-Oligosaccharides Complex which provides dual inhibition of melanin synthesis for brighter, fairer skin and 2. Brightening Complex which stimulates elimination of CO2 and toxins from our epidermis, thus reducing signs of skin aging and enhancing luminosity and clarity.

Note that this review post will be pretty much organised according to how the products are used in sequence. 

I started off with the Toner which feels almost as gentle as water. Like how all micellar water works, Creme Simon's Micellar Water Makeup Remover gives a really clean and non-sticky feel after I used a cotton pad to remove my makeup. In fact, it certainly feels refreshing after using the water-based makeup remover on my skin. Rest assure that it's oil-free, paraben free and silicone free.

Creme Simon's oxygenating foaming cleanser has the most dense foam I've ever experienced. I've tried a few foaming cleansers and this sure has the finest foam ever, instead of feeling airy and light. Most essentially, the foaming cleaner's sulfate-free formula cleanses without drying my skin. Plus, it smells really good! For more of its technology fit into the product, read this. 

Comes in a pumping bottle, the dermo-hydrating toner mist is versatile in the sense that you can ether spray it onto a cotton pad, or simply directly onto your and carry out patting motion. This is a good packaging for people who often pour excessive toner onto the cotton pad unintentionally. Practicability aside, the toner mist is also very gentle to the skin coupled with the floral scent that comes with the toner lotion. 

Occasionally, I will use the gentle double exfoliation scrub from the detox range in order to rid the dead skin cells accumulating on my skin. Once again, Creme Simon certainly amazes me with their scrub for it's packed with 2 kinds of natural beads (one being jojoba esters beads) to refine and revitalize skin. Compared to many other scrubs that I've used, Creme Simon's exfoliation scrub has roughly double the amount of scrubbing beads in it. 


The lymphatic contouring gel amazingly turns into an oily texture which helps with the massaging of your jawline and facial outline. To double up the surprise, it's easier to wash off that you would have expected. Simply wash off with water and you'll obtain clean skin without the oily greasiness anymore. 


6. DERMO-ACTIV FLORAL SERUM / 30 ml / S$109.00
With my cleansed and exfoliated face, my skin is all ready to absorb the nutrients from the serum and moisturisers following up. The floral serum, like how its name suggests, comes with a very pleasant scent. I really dislike how some products stink like mad despite how good they are. That aside, the serum acts as a powerful elixir with high concentrations of clarifying and regenerating plant extracts to give your skin that boost of skin radiance. 90%* found skin is fairer and brighter, while 86%* found lines less visible and would like to continue using -CS.
Product leaves a slight sticky and tightening feel on my skin but was easily alleviated by the range's moisturisers following up. 

CRÈME SIMON Brightening Detox Range comes with day and night moisturisers, namely the 
You know how sometimes night moisturiser are slightly more condensed and greasy due to its night restorative function? Fortunately, their night moisturiser is of an equal texture as the morning moisturiser. Both are really lightweight and felt like nothing when applied onto the skin. In fact, a thin layer of the moisturiser was good enough to keep my skin hydrated and supple. 

With its latest Liquid Crystals technology packed in the morning moisturiser, it helps nutrients to penetrate the skin easily and provide hydration to the skin. The night moisturiser on the other hand contains potent active ingredients to regenerate your skin overnight. I guess what I love most about the night moisturiser is its lightweight texture, leaving me no worries of little bumps popping out of my skin due to over-moisturising. I hate that the most and I always face this problem!

9. CRÈME UNIVERSELLE / 30ml / S$68.00
Finally, all hail the mighty CRÈME UNIVERSELLE, which is designed to alleviate many problems like skin irritation, lip chapping, dry cuticles and even dry skin. As much as it can be used practically anywhere and everywhere, I wouldn't suggest that because it's pretty pricey for a small bottle. I can't imagine finishing the bottle just to help my dry skin on my body. But this amazing product sure helps a lot with my dry lips and fingers and I love love love it's multi-function uses.  

One of my favourites in this range, the UV protector, commonly known as the sunscreen is a SPF 50 high, but to my surprise it's not at all greasy. With a higher number of SPF, sunscreens often than not get greasier and stickier. But thanks to its non-comedogenic nature, Crème Simon Sun Protection SPF50 does not feel greasy at all. The colour of the sunscreen is also transparent. 

I have very bad dark circles and I've been trying a few eye products. This multi-benefits eye treatment gel comes in the most innovative packaging ever - a gel-dispensing roller-ball twist-pen which allows you to control the amount of gel you would like to dispense! In fact, most people fear that roller-pen would in turn roll in all the impurities and dirt back into the pen bottle. This twist-pen make sure only gel comes out of it and nothing goes in. 

Personal tip: store the gel-pen in your fridge and when you use it, it gives your eye that cooling effect which helps with de-puffing. 

The restorative sleeping mask is one of the life-saving products in this range. You can choose to have it as a fresh leave-on gel-mask overnight, or a intensive moisturising mask for a good 15 minutes. For in-flight and cold climates (probably not in Singapore... haaha), you can use a per regular intensive moisturiser. In fact, 100%* found skin is soft, supple and moisturised -CS.

This product is so moisturising that when I wake up the next day, it still leaves a protective layer on my face. It definitely helps to alleviate the dryness around my mouth area. 


I usually label my products to know how long I've been using them. Since most bottles look quite the same, I also labelled them like the "night" and "morning" on the moisturiser bottles. 

Crème Simon Brightening Detox Range features optimised ingredients such as 1. Wheat-Oligosaccharides Complex which provides dual inhibition of melanin synthesis for brighter, fairer skin and 2. Brightening Complex which stimulates elimination of CO2 and toxins from our epidermis, thus reducing signs of skin again and enhancing luminosity and clarity.

In case you are wondering if you could try out the products (there's free samples), you can now visit Crème Simon's mobile booth at the following places and periods:
Isetan Scotts: 29 August-11 September 2014
Singapore Science Park: 15-19 September 2014
 Metro Paragon: 22 September – 5 October 2014
Breadtalk Building: 8-10 October 2014
AMK Hub: 27 October- 2 November 2014

 Permanent Retail Store: Soon Lee @ Haji Lane
& of course their website:
Use "K7DPAGT" to get 10% discount!
Thanks for reading! ❤


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