New hairstyle & colour @ Pro Trim Hair Salon 313 Somerset

"Oh wow you had your hair cut short!" "Omg you snipped off your hair!!" "Did you just... CUT YOUR HAIR?!"...

"Oh wow you had your hair cut short!"
"Omg you snipped off your hair!!"
"Did you just... CUT YOUR HAIR?!"

Ah huh. Mm Hmm. 
That's right, I had my hair cut short right before I leave for exchange in Germany. 

Ever since I become a blogger, I have to admit that I tend to get more daring to my hair! Be it style, the hair colour or anything. This time, I did something that I’ve never thought of doing - cutting my hair short. 

So why the change?

Actually, no idea. One day when I just felt like it so I told my hairstylist to do it.
This shows that the trust between yourself and your hairstylist is really important. So, I entrusted my hair to my hairstylist, Tino from Pro Trim Hair Salon! 

Here's the process and a way to show you the 'before and after' photos. 
In the process of snipping my hair.
In case you don’t know about this, cutting short hair is so much more difficult than trimming long hair! My haircut took about an hour or longer because my hairstylist had to snip off the hair layer by layer at the back of my head. It was a long process but it also showed how meticulous my hairstylist was. He snipped off inch by inch, layer by layer.

I also had pink highlights this time round, hidden in a very light shade of brown. I was really contemplating between blue and pink highlights but since I had blue and purple highlights the last time, time for something new yeah? ;)

And the aftermath for this hair makeover! 

Sitting on the edge in Salzburg, Austria

I think this new hairstyle is really fresh! I like this kind of hair makeover occasionally. Sometimes I get really sick of how I look the same for soooo many years. Sometimes you just had that one day when you woke up and feel like doing something daring to your hair, don't you? 

If you are interested for such a hair makeover too, you might want to visit Pro Trim Hair Salon :) Below are the details: 

Pro Trim Hair Salon @ 313 Somerset 

+65 6238 7027
313 Orchard Road #B1-35

Celine Chiam

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  1. Thank you for sharing the information.

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  2. I never come back :( so sad with Protrim team. I spent 200$ for almost nothing :( They Cheat me :( I saw Groupon voucher for Mucato Argan Oil treatment. I read a lot about this treatment, everyone said it's good a kind of rebounding, free chemical and even some blogs showed different steps for doing this treatment. Finally I bought it and made an appointment happily. When I went to Protrim hair saloon @ Somerset I found it is only a treatment in their saloon they cheat me by wrong voucher name :( I complained and even I told them I will topup please do rebonding for me but they didn't help me at all .... I showed them all I read about this treatment but they told me we do in this way, our Korean hair style brought to us. Ya I did a normal treatment for 200$ :((((( Really I paid for nothing. They applied very little amount of sth and I can't see any result. after complaining they didn't care about my hair an treatment. 4 person came to me for each step anytime anyone had time came:( I never never never come back....

    1. Hi dear,

      I'm sorry that it didn't turn out well for you :(
      Maybe there was some miscommunication especially over third party vouchers like groupon. Hope you're over it now!


  3. Hi,

    I am just wondering what kind of treatment you had in ProTrim and how much does it cost? cos I wanna cut the exact same hairstyle. Thanks!

    1. Hi dear!

      Different hairstyles and hair length command different prices so you may want to give them a call! :)


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