Miss Universe Singapore finalist mocked man for having holes in his shirt - Jesslyn Tan Saga

Have you seen the recent mocking saga started up by the online netizens?  Here's the gist to what happened:  On 18Mar, Jesslyn ...

Have you seen the recent mocking saga started up by the online netizens? 

Here's the gist to what happened: 

On 18Mar, Jesslyn Tan (Miss Universe Singapore finalist) posted a photo of a middle-aged man sleeping on the reserved seat in the MRT cabin. Nope, it's not because he was hogging the reserved seat, but it was all because of a hole on his shirt. 

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What comes after were more or less expected. Online flaming, spiteful comments and many online netizens supporting the poor victim, Uncle Koh. 

According to Stomp.sg,  Uncle Koh works  "at the famous Ye Shang Hai Teochew Porridge (夜上海潮洲粥) in Bukit Merah view" for almost 28 years. But because of this incident, he couldn't take the comments and queries he received from patrons while at work. Most saddening thing is Uncle Koh was embarrassed by what has happened, and he felt that he brought disgrace to his own family (which he was totally not responsible for). 

This incident has went onto the chinese papers too. 
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Uncle Koh's daughter, Cindy has reverted back to this photo and commented: 
Yet I'm curious why her daughter has the surname "TAN" while the uncle's surname is "KOH". 

Apparently, Jesslyn Tan has apologised online. Yet her other post doesn't seem to support her apologetic message. 
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Confused, I'm so confused. 
Thankfully for Jesslyn Tan, she does have a few friends who supported her. 

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So what's your view on this whole Jesslyn Tan Saga?

What I feel is that, once you're a public figure, you shouldn't be commenting on any issues without thinking twice. EVEN if you're not a public figure, social media influences are too massive and hard to contain. Let's not forget about a similar incident - The Anton Casey Saga, where the wealth manager mocked at the poor public for stinking up the train. 

Jesslyn Tan is one of the Miss Universe Singapore Finalists. She represents Singapore, yet her actions have revealed that she completely has no empathy for the poor people. To me, what's the big deal of a tiny hole on the shirt? (In fact I can't even find the hole in the photo). To be very honest, I will only see the holes as an indication of the hard work and sweat the public contributes in order to earn a living. The older generation is less educated than us, so most of them are probably blue-collar workers (labourers). So please... show some empathy. Personally, I don't come from a wealthy family. My parents aren't educated and they have a very small business where they exchange it with all their sweats and hard work. That is why I empathise Uncle Koh. 

Sorry but I'm not sorry for the fact that I do not sympathise Jesslyn Tan. I wouldn't say she deserve all the flaming but after all, you probably have to pay the price for a lesson. Next time, think carefully before you blurt out a word. It's good that she has apologised, but it's reasonable to doubt her sincerity especially after seeing this:

What's your view? :(

Celine Chiam. 

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