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Shopping shopping shopping.  Who hates shopping ? Well I do if it means I have to keep walking and walking in search of clothings/shoes/b...

Shopping shopping shopping. 
Who hates shopping? Well I do if it means I have to keep walking and walking in search of clothings/shoes/bags that are to my likings. 

I'm sure that is the reason behind the birth of online shopping sites. To provide consumers a wide array of apparels without having to walk too much, or even, squeeze with the crowd. 

But an online shopping site would not be successful if the number or types of items they sell are limited. Thankfully, we have ZALORA Singapore

From bags, accessories, shoes to beauty products, I'm quite convinced that consumers will surely find something they like here. ZALORA Singapore even has a men section for the guys out there. It also comes with "editor's picks" and so on, which differentiates itself from all cliche online shopping sites in Singapore. 

Now here's what we have been anticipating for the longest time. 

Have you gotten any gifts for your friends and loved ones? 
Are you having trouble buying too many things at one go? 
Or are you just too busy to buy things off the physical stores? 

Then I'm sure you know who you can turn to. *wink*

In this Christmas season, ZALARO is all ready to to celebrate Christmas with you by giving you lots of promotion and  discounts! They also have Santa's Gift Bags to make sourcing of presents easy breezy. 

Zalora basically has almost everything I need. Here's my pick for christmas this year! :)

An aztec printed tank dress at only $19.90?! What a steal! 

Some geeky fashionable specs to stand out in the crowd! 

This bright cheerful coloured bag is really a great love! Herschel bag at $99 is pretty good! But I have no money for it :(

and finally a pair of comfortable wedges to end the night of course! Hold on a second, almost 50% off for Steve Madden Heels? Must. Get. It!!

What's more is you can claim $10 voucher FOR FREE just by signing up for their newsletter! So what are you waiting for? 

Visit them now! :)

Celine Chiam  

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