My skin progression with The DRx Clinic.

Howdy people!  How did your lovely weekends go? Mine went a little more than interesting this weekend because I was participating in t...

Howdy people! 

How did your lovely weekends go? Mine went a little more than interesting this weekend because I was participating in the Nike Run..... NOT as a participant! Hahaha. I was skating around, carrying X-mini to cheer the runners on. Oh gosh I love it when I can skate however fast I can and still not feeling tired like how running would cause me too. 

Oops going off track too much! Above was a photo taken at the event itself and as usual, I do not have any makeup on. This is even more so when I know I'm gonna be doing a little bit of exercise and I hate it when my perspiration destroy my makeup. My skin was yet well-protected by the DRx tinted sunscreen SPF 30+. But take a closer look! How does my skin fair!? 

I'm gonna give it a 9/10.
All thanks to my skin guardian - The DRx Clinic. 

Let's do a recap from the first day I joined the DRx Clinic. 

The skin problems I had were:

2. Small tiny pimples = red spots
3. LARGE pores 
4. Oily skin on T-zone 
5. Breakouts (a few huge pimples) during the period of the month

And the results? 
My blackheads have tremendously reduced, likewise for tiny little pimples around the face. Pores have greatly reduced in sizes and have became much finer. Breakouts no longer pose threats to me because huge pimples are rare visitors nowadays, even during the time of the month (menses)! There's much lesser red spots around my entire face too. 

A photo of my bare skin right after a bath. No makeup or any products on. 

And I bet the following illustration would scare YET impress you. 

Yes, look at the number and severity of blackheads to begin with. And look at the amazing result now!!! (^.^)

Few days back, I returned to DRx for an evaluation of my skin and see what are the new issues I face. Originally, the products prescribed to me by Dr Yanni are to rectify my skin problems such as large pores and blackheads. On my second consultation, I was prescribed intensive highlighter to improve my uneven skin tone, so that leaves me with Comedone Formula, Intensive Highlighter and Blemish Formula. Fortunately, these products are marvellous in eradicating the skin's enemies. But unfortunately, they can be pretty dry in nature. They tend to dry up my skin a little too much than it could cope. Sometimes, I feel the tightness on my skin.

Which is why, a follow-up consultation is extremely essential! 
Everyone thinks that one single consultation to get you the DRx products is good enough. But it is important for a follow up because the doctors are the best people to decide the change in your skincare regime. After using any range of skin care products, it's logical to evaluate the progress and decide if a change in the skincare regime is required. 

As for me, Dr Yanni decided to return me Max-C (my favourite cos it's an anti-oxidant that encourages collagen!) and prescribed me an extra eye cream. I've also requested to try out the tinted sunblock (SPF 30+) so that it gives me a finished dewy look without any use of foundation. The photo below shows the effect of applying the tinted sunscreen. 

I really like how it gives me coverage even without me putting any foundation on. I just don't really like to cover my face with too much makeup, every single day. However, the sunscreen is a little greasy so I finished with some loose powder to mattify my face, and I'm all ready to go. The effect can last for about 6 hours!

Now after solving my blackheads issue, let's look forward to see if there will be a change to my eye bags/dark circles/fine lines! I cannot believe at the age of 21, fine lines have started to form. This really shows how dry my eye areas are.  

1. Foaming cleanser (170ml) 
2. Toner (170ml) 
3. Comedone Formula (25ml)
4. Blemish Formula (25ml) 
5. MAX C (35ml) 
6. Acne Spot Lotion (6ml) 
7. Liposomal Sunscreen SPF 30+ (60ml) 
8. Hydrator (35ml) (not in photo)
9. Eye Cream (25ml) (not in photo)

Here's some photos of my daily life. Take notice of my skin! 

Looking forward to my next consultation! 
Do leave a comment if you have ANY questions and I'll be very very happy to answer your concerns or doubts. If you're shy, you can leave it as anonymous! Ask more questions to be informed :) 

Read my first DRx Journey result post here.


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Celine Chiam 

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  1. Hey babe, happy for you! Your skin is getting better and better each day!
    Have been read your review from drx clinic.. Wanted to have a better skin before CNY! Haha! Would you recommend walk in? Cause I've try calling them, it seem all customer service all busy, no one picks up... Sad!

    1. I would still prefer you calling actually! Because if they are fully booked the day, you would have a wasted trip! :(
      Also, you can quote my name (Celine blogger) upon registration to enjoy consultation fee waiver! :D All the best to getting a better skin babe!

    2. Yeah!! Thanks for your info! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great review! Mind sharing how much generally does your skincare regime cost? Thank you! : )

    1. Hi dear :)
      You can have a look at this post for the price of the products!

  3. Great review! Mind sharing how much generally does your skincare regime cost? Thank you! : )

  4. Great review! Mind sharing how much generally does your skincare regime cost? Thank you! : )


  5. Hi, i had the same problem with celine (acne) and it has been so much better ever since my first consultation on April"14.
    Since i have a sensitive skin, their products doesnt suit me well therefore on my second purchase, i decided to switch to avene, yet still going to dr david for routine check.
    So now in my hand i have bunch of drx products (complete acne range kit from blemish formula, comedone formula, foaming cleanser, blemish cleanser, alpha beta gel, lightener, hydrator and liposunmal sunscreen) all been used for Bout 1-2 mths with exp date mostly in 2016-17, only for lightener is 5/15 .
    If you guys interested in trying the product without paying too much ( i prefer to sell the whole range) pls contact me at I would gladly send you the pict showing how much i ve been using it and exp date too and of course so much cheaper too!

    1. Hi dear,

      Hope your skin has gotten better! :)



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