Food preview: The Audacious Cakery

The Audacious Cakery, a newly opened bakery startup finds itself nestled at Everton Park, a stone throw away from Outram Part MRT Stati...

The Audacious Cakery, a newly opened bakery startup finds itself nestled at Everton Park, a stone throw away from Outram Part MRT Station. Step inside to enjoy the aesthetically amazing display of cupcakes right before the store front.  

Thanks to The Audacious Cakery, we were invited to a media food preview and got to be the first few customers to try out their cakes! 

The Audacious Cakery's mission is to provide consumers sweet delights that can achieve quality in the taste and design. Sharryl, the co-founder and Executive Pastry Chef at Audacious Cakery, has a strong passion in baking and thus decided to give up her full time job to fully devote her time into something she loves - baking, duh.

To quote Sharryl,
"I think food and cakes are intrinsically tied to life and to the celebration of life. We remember the taste from our childhood and that brings back happy memories. We hope that with The Audacious Cakery we can be a small part of people’s lives and memories through our cakes and the pastries that we produce. "

The photo can explain itself good enough. Just look at the vibrant colours from the array of cupcakes! Please hand me a piece of tissue, I'm drooling. 

I guess nobody can have the privilege like us to try out ALL the cupcakes and cakes at Audacious Cakery. Here's another photo of the cupcakes taken under the sunlight, the best light source I could ever ask for. 

To put everything into a simple sentence - the cupcakes are irresistible.
And to put it into context, if I were to compare these cupcakes to that of Twelve Cupcakes, my vote goes to Audacious Cakery for their ultra moist, soft and non-crumbly cupcake texture. 

To top it up, literally, is a thick yet smooth whipped cream that are twisted by Sharryl to suit Singaporean's taste preferences. They are not too greasy and doesn't give me a 'gelat' (nauseous) feel after eating so much of the cream. Natural flavours are added for different themed cupcakes. 

Let's dive into the extensive range of cakes at Audacious Cakery, shall we?

Foret Noir, alcoholic
Valrhona dark chocolate, mousse, Kirsh, soaked cherries and Kirsh Cream on a dark Valrhona chocolate genoise

PS: There's so much baking jargons, I don't know what I am typing haha!

In layman terms, it resembles black forest cake with an alcoholic element in it. As a non-alcoholic lover like me, I was pleasantly surprised to be addicted to this precious piece because the alcohol content was not very strong. 

Monet, alcoholic 
Orange mousse with champagne, served with a tart raspberry compote on a Cointreau soaked sponge studded with red currants

Lemon Meringue
Luscious tangy lemon tart made with French churned butter on a biscuit base

Mango and coconut mousse on a jaconde sponge with fresh mango & papaya bits 

Exotique was one of my favourite for its tangy aftertaste due to the papaya and mango bites within the cake itself. It also has a trace of coconut taste but it somehow got covered up by the mangos. Nonetheless, try this if you aren't really a sweet-tooth, but rather a sour-lover like me. Okay admit it, we are so 'sour'!

Chocolate Souffle 
Made from dark chocolate, the soufflĂ© centre gives it a light yet chocolaty punch. Served with a crunchy chocolate biscuit base, it can be served warm or chilled. 

Picture below definitely suggests you to slight warm the tart to enjoy the best out of it. Just enjoy how the melted chocolate oozes out of the tart under a warm temperature. The chef has very thoughtfully sprinkled crushed nuts (not sure if its almonds, can't recall) to add a texture to the thick gluey chocolate lava. 

"Besides the delectable confections of both sweet and savoury, handcrafted artisanal sandwiches and a mean cuppa, The Audacious Cakery also offers a quiet, casual environment that is perfect to relax and gather with friends and family."

Celine: I think this is an absolute tranquil cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and a delectable cupcake with your partner. 

To end of this post, here's the different cupcakes they have:

$4 each, $22 for 6, $42 for 12

Black Sesame
Raspberry Devil’s food cake
Chocolate Ganache

Add 0.5 cents

Lemon Raspberry*
Valrhona Chocolate Cream Cheese*

*popular demand
And I highly recommend their matcha cupcake if you're a true blue green tea lover. 

The Audacious Cakery
Block 2, Everton Park, #01-61
Singapore 081002

(65) 6223 3047 
Monday - Saturday
 8.00am to 7.00pm 
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.

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