ST REGIS Singapore - Cantonese Snow Skin Mooncakes from Yan Ting Restaurant

[Sponsored review thanks to HGW and St Regis Singapore] Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also comm...

[Sponsored review thanks to HGW and St Regis Singapore]

Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also commonly known as Mooncake Festival is less than a month away. Just like how the name suggests, mooncakes are here to make their ubiquitous appearance with some traditions to stay.

I was glad to try out the Delicate Cantonese Snow Skin Mooncakes from St Regis Singapore. Yan Ting Restaurant has came up with an enticing selection of snow skin mooncakes including flavours like durian, mixed berries, green tea, purple sweet potato and royal milk tea with chocolate champagne. 

Assorted Snow Skin Mooncake (Exclude durian flavor)
Box of 8 @ $68.80 

I have to say the packaging has bought me over before I even try out the mooncakes. 
It sure is an ideal gift for the elders and your parents.

Mixed Berries Snowskin Mooncake with Strawberry Paste
Box of 8 @$66.80

It's tough to pick just one favourite from the selection because they all tasted satisfying with the much tenderness. The Green Tea flavour has a well balance of tea bitterness that is well pulled off by the sweet mooncake paste. The Mixed Berries flavour on the other hand leaves both sweet and slight sour aftertaste due to the berries, and it turned out very addictive. 

Left: Purple Sweet Potato Snowskin Mooncake 
(Box of 8 @ $66.80)

Right: Royal Milk Tea Snowskin Mooncake with Red Bean Paste and White Chocolate Champagne Truffle (Box of 8 @ $68.80)

What took me by surprise was the alcohol intensity found in the Royal Milk Tea Snowskin Mooncake with Champagne Truffle. A bite into the truffle oozes out pretty strong alcohol. It sure was a terrific rendition of mooncakes and definitely a favourite for alcohol lovers. 

Left: Sweet potato Snowskin Mooncake
Right: Green Tea Snowskin Mooncake

Yan Ting is an award-winning purveyor of authentic Cantonese delicacies. To celebrate the Mid-Autum Festival, Yan Ting has given diners a premium collection of hand-crafted treasures to satiate your palates with their mouth-watering rendition of mooncakes. 

Prices are subjected to 7% GST.
The selection of mooncakes will be available at The Patisserie, Lobby Level and Yan Ting, Level 1U, 
from 19th August to 19th September 2013. 

Enjoy early birds special by purchasing before 1st sept. 

For orders and enquiries:
+65 6506 6887


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