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[Invited tasting by Todai and HGW] If you are looking for a sumptuous spread of buffet, in particular korean buffet, you should never...

[Invited tasting by Todai and HGW]

If you are looking for a sumptuous spread of buffet, in particular korean buffet, you should never miss Todai located conveniently at Marina Bay Sands. Though labelled as 'Korean' Buffet, Todai is actually a buffet restaurant packed with an enticing selection of Seafood and International cuisine.

Todai introduces 12 sections in their buffet line, some of which are Churrasco, tepanyaki, sashimi, Korean cuisine, Japanese sushi and Chinese cooked food. 

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Indeed, Todai has unveiled a new menu consisting free flow of Sea Eel BBQ, Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup and ala carte Alaskan King Crab that are simply irresistible. The local and international choices are aplenty at the buffet too.

Todai also has function rooms for birthday parties, corporate dinner etc. 

And also a large number of seats, so do not worry about the lack of seats. 

Dessert section

Dessert section

Cereal Fried Prawn 

And of course, the free flow of snow crabs. 
Seafood lovers would definitely relish the free flow of premium seafood such as snow crabs and sashimi. 


Eggplant and Zucchini salad

Beef Salad 

Occasionally, the Todai crew will stood in line and greet the diners. 

Todai also provides a mouth-watering selection of premium and creative sushi. Satiate your palate with more than 15 sushi assortments here. 

Shrimp love

My favourite of the night, Volcano 
The volcano actually resembles the Shiok Maki from Koh Grill.

Miso Shisamo with Gratin Sauce 

Fish Fillet 

Todai also attempt creative ways to prepare their dishes, such as steaming the red crabs unlike how other restaurants would normally do

And of course, the free flow of Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup that are forever running out because it's a wholesome bowl of nutrients from the Ginseng, Chestnut, Ginkgo nut that are all from Korea. 

Brace yourself for a flavour explosion as your savour the Ginseng Chicken Soup, packed with an extremely succulent and chewy baby abalone. 

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup 

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup 

My other favorite section at Todai is none other than the Churrasco section. 
The Churrasco section has a wide variety of meat for you to enjoy as well. 
Korean Chef preparing small portion from the juicy lamb rack. 

Most of the meat are prepared to medium rare. You can actually request for a longer simmer if you do not prefer meat that are too raw. 

One of the recommendation by the Todai's management is their specialty - Korean Fish Pancake

Sea Eel BBQ
 Hands down to the juicy and meaty Sea Eel BBQ. The Sea Eel taste great as it is coated with tasty BBQ sauce, but I personally didn't like how it was packed with soft and tiny fish bone although it is consumable. 

Apparently, restaurants over at Korean would display fresh and much much bigger squid on the seafood section. Not sure if Singaporeans would be scared away by this! 

Fried Sea Cucumber Mushroom Broccoli 

Alaskan King Crab 

The star of the night is the salty yet juicy Alaskan King Crab.

Specially imported Korean Abalone paired with fresh broccoli. 

Special device to enjoy to Alaskan King Crabs. 

 Don't forget to save room for the dessert. Half of it are delectable delicacies but some of it are really nothing much to rave about.


Some of the worthy dessert to try are New York Cheesecake, Mango cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake

About Todai
An upscale "all you care to eat" international seafood and sushi buffet restaurant, TODAI offers an assortment of quality food and services. Todai restaurants are family oriented and offer a wide selection of food to appeal to a range of tasters that are considered Asian Fusion Entrees. In addition to a wide assortment of cold dishes including sushi, Todai also features signature dishes that are served year round, from snow crab legs to green mussels to cocktail shrimps. Hot entrees selections include international dishes that are commonly served in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and many more. The dessert bar also offers a flavor of international fusion pastries, from Italian tiramisu to Japanese light cheese cake, French crème puffs & Crème brulee and many more. Newly added menu items include “made to order” which is noodle corner. Todai also serves local and imported beers, wine, champagne, soju and sake. Most of dishes are prepared in house. Elmer Dills, famous Los Angeles food critics, once described Todai as "THE MOTHER OF ALL SEAFOOD BUFFETS" 

Todai Singapore
Address: #B2-01 The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, 
2 Bayfront Ave Singapore 018972
Phone: +65 6688 7771   Fax: +65 6688 7701

Operation Hours

Monday ~ Friday 
Lunch: 11:30 ~ 15:00 
Dinner: 17:30 ~ 22:00

Lunch: 11:30 ~ 15:00 
Dinner: 17:30 ~ 22:00

Lunch: 11:30 ~ 16:00 
Dinner 17:00 ~ 22:00


MON, WED Adult: S$42++ Child (below 1m 30cm): S$22++
TUE, THU (SPECIAL DAYS) Adult: S$46++ Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++ 
FRI Adult: S$46++ Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++ 
SAT, SUN, PH Adult: S$64++ Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++

MON, WED Adult: S$58++ Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++ 
TUE, THU (SPECIAL DAYS) Adult: S$68++ Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++ 
FRI Adult: S$68++ Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++ 
SAT, SUN, PH Adult: S$68++ Child (below 1m 30cm): S$26++

The price includes buffet, soft drinks (Coca Cola, F&N, Coke Light, Ice Lemon Tea, Sprite, Milo, Nescafe frappe, Lemonade, Peach Tea), Coffee (Black Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha& Espresso), Teh Tarik and Tea (Lipton Tea, Peppermint, Decaffeinated, English Breakfast, Chamomile & Green Tea)All alcohol drinks will be charged

The above information can be found in Todai's website. 

Stay hungry!

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  1. OMG... i'm putting this place on my list! thanks for your recommendation! will surely check it out when i visit SG in the future :)

    1. Oh yes you should! :))
      I like your blog photos too!

  2. Hi, do you know if for lunch, does it also have all de crabs/oysters/seafood?


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