[DRx Products] My Derma-Rx (DRx) skincare journey to beautiful skin

View my first consultation here . View the stunning results after 1 month of DRx skincare regime here . So after seeing the ev...

View my first consultation here.
View the stunning results after 1 month of DRx skincare regime here.

So after seeing the evident results previously on my results post, don't you want to know what products are my skin saviors? 

I've never been so diligent before. Day and night, I have to apply 6-7 products onto my face. This is especially time-consuming in the morning because I have to wait for each product to be absorbed first before I can apply the next one. But this is all worth it because the results are noticeable. 

From left to right are the DRx products I've been using very diligently this 2 months!

1. Foaming cleanser (170ml) SGD42.80
2. Toner (170ml) SGD42.80
3. Comedone Formula (25ml) SGD78.11
4. Blemish Formula (25ml) SGD74.90
5. MAX C (35ml) SGD169.06
6. Hydrator SGD 74.90
7. Liposomal Sunscreen SPF 30+ (60ml) SGD62.06
8. Acne Spot Lotion (6ml) SGD26.75
9. Anti-Blemish Mask SGD59.92

Today, this post will focus more on the individual products in details so that you readers will be more informed of the specific uses for each product. 

Before we start, here's a brief explanation about DRx products. 
There are 3 main steps to their streamlined skincare regime.

1. Prime 
to prepare the skin for treatment and nourishment
2. Remedy
to administer progression and rectification  
3. Protect 
to protect and prevent future issues

So if you have noticed, the font colour of the product names have different meanings. 
I used one foam cleanser for my face and I am absolutely loving it. It smells really really flowery and it's semi-gel. What I have to do is to pump out a 10cent-sized cleanser out, rub it against my palm to create foam. Foams will be more gentle on your skin. 

The toner on the other hand, as I've mentioned before, is not to tightened the pores but to double-cleanse it. The key word is "double-cleanse" (prime stage), as it prepares your skin to absorb the upcoming products more effectively.

The comedone formula is my favourite product!! Although I cannot give all credits to this product solely, but this is actually an award-winning product that aims to tackle comedone (black & white heads) issues. I used to have horrifying black heads congested on my nose, but thanks to this product, they have significantly reduced! View the results here and see it yourself. 

The blemish formula is aimed to reduce occurrence of break-outs by controlling the oil production. Which means, it has a little drying effect that reduces oil producing from the pores. So far, I do feel my nose is less oily. The forehead will be a tougher issue because of my fringe, which collects the dust and dirt. Which is why, I've sweep my fringe to the side now. 

Max-C is another favourite of mine! It has made my skin more glowy and supple as it targets premature skin aging. My skin is now brighter too.

Hydrator is only introduced to me after my second consultation because I found that the blemish formula (previously mentioned product) has made my cheek a little dry. First thing first, I have combination skin (oil t-zone and dry cheeks), so Dr Yanni prescribed hydrator for me to hydrate (duh) my skin and reduce flakiness. 

Anti-blemish mask is also a new product introduced to me after my second consultation. I leave on the mask on my t-zone area for about 45mins, wash it off and continue the rest of the products after tone. It's supposed to be applied 3 times a week. And so far, the results are amazing. My forehead has became less oily after a whole day spent outside. It used to be real oily from noon onwards.

In order to prevent other premature aging issues from surfacing,you have to of course protect your skin first! And for this Dr Yanni has prescribed me the non-tinted liposomal sunscreen SPF 30+. Remember about the two different types of sunscreen - physical and chemical sunscreen (find out more here). DRx non-tinted liposomal sunscreen is a chemical sunscreen that absorbs the harmful UV rays and convert them into harmless heat. 

And finally...... Acne Spot Lotion!
the remedy to breakouts and ugly pimples. Do you know how amazing this thing is? Whenever I have a big red pimple on my forehead, I just have to dab very little bit of the acne spot lotion. It serves to dry out the pimple over a few application only! 

And yes, this marks the end of my novice explanation over the products. For more information, you should visit DRx Clinic website or their facebook page! 

If you have any doubts, feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to answer you. 

View my first consultation here.
View the stunning results after 1 month of DRx skincare regime here.


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  1. Really thanks a lot for the review, this is really a good piece of work, Now a days there are many beauty and skin care products in market, its really confusing which one to buy and which is better and if we buy the product will it cure or not that is the big question

    1. Well thank you so much! I hope you've understand the DRx products better now :)

  2. Thanks very much for the review. May I know if the 'celine blogger' discount is still valid now? Thanks.

  3. Hi thanks very much for your review. May I know if the promotion (by quoting 'celine blogger') is still valid? Thanks.

  4. Hi, thanks so much for the review! I'm actually only 16 and i'm considering giving this a try but after reading through the products i've realised that it's rather costly and may be too much for my skin to handle :( Is it necessary to buy all the products the doctor recommend you after the consultaion, or can you choose not to buy some?

  5. Hi, thanks for this review! I'm actually only 16 and am considering giving this a try but after reading your post i've realised that it is rather costly and there may be too much products for my skin to handle :( Is it necessary to buy all the products that the doctor recommended you or is it fine to just buy some selected ones?

    1. Hi dear :)

      I wouldn't say it's needed to get everything if you know the specific problems you have. But that being said, a full regime will speed up the process of rectifying your skin problem faster and more efficiently! You're 16, so I would honestly think it's hard for you to afford such expensive range. So, perhaps pick the products first?

      Do you have any serious problems that really require DRx? :)



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