DRx Media Spa - Essential Facial (Plus) review

Hello hello!  Few days back, I had my first ever facial done at DRx and boy it was so good! This post will let you know the step b...

Hello hello! 

Few days back, I had my first ever facial done at DRx and boy it was so good! This post will let you know the step by step procedure for DRx's Essential Facial (Plus). 

Firstly, the female facialist cleanses my face to remove any dirt and makeup, although I didn't put makeup. 

All cleaned for the first step! 

Microdermabrasion (which is only included in the PLUS package), involves removing superficial layers of the skin. They use a special machine with fine crystals or diamond-tipped hand piece that glides along your entire face with suction. This procedure achieves a clearer and smoother skin texture with reduction in fine lines and pore sizes. 

Microdermabrasion was awarded a 4-star "Must Try" rating by Female Magazine! 

After which I was given a mirror to see the difference myself. And yes, my skin was smoother after the microdermabrasion. 

The next procedure, Ultrasonic Cleansing includes 2 steps. 

First, they use the ultrasonic device to eliminate the dead skin cells from my skin surface and loosen any impurities, oil, black and white heads. Imagine after a layer of dead skin cells being removed, the black and white heads are now easier to be extracted without damaging the surrounding skin. Likewise, exfoliation of the dead skin cells also allow more effective penetration of therapeutic substances coming up. 

Second, the facialist will do a manual extraction of black and white heads if these stubborn comedones do not come out during the ultrasonic cleansing. This is my first time having the blackheads manually extracted, and it was realllllyyyy painful. But no pain, no gain! 

Disgusting blackheads that were extracted 

So here's the difference before and after the manual extraction. It's normal to have red spots on your face but they will subside within a day. 
Look at my tear ducts hahaha 

And after the harsh extraction of blackheads, we pamper the skin with the Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery. I was given the Vitamin C option to stimulate production of collagen to ensure firmer, smoother and younger looking skin. Nowadays, a 20 year old lady can have really aged skin if she doesn't take care of them! Vit C is also known to produce an overall lightening effect on the skin and achieve a more even skin tone after just one single treatment.

And lastly... 
A not so aesthetically pleasing mask but it was actually really cooling! At first when it was applied onto my face, it was so cold. But after a while, I felt so comfortable with it on my face (for about 15 mins), so much so that I almost fell asleep. 

The Therapeutic mask is meant to soothe the skin and act as a finishing step to the whole facial experience. DRx's Alginate mask is made from high quality marine-derived ingredients with therapeutic properties. 

Peeling the mask off my face

And to end off the whole facial and prep my face as I leave the spa, the facialist applied DRx liposomal sunscreen SPF 30+ on my face.

Here is the result of the facial: 

Although you see red spots around, look closer and you'll see that almost all of the hideous black heads are eradicated. My pores are finer because I've been using DRx products for about a month or so already

Thank you DRx for my virgin facial experience! 

For more information, you should visit DRx Clinic website or their facebook page

Singapore302 Orchard Road,
16th FloorTong Building
 (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Fax (65) – 6733 2983
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun and PH


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  1. May I ask how much did u pay for e facial?? Do u think it really helps?? Thanks in advance :]

    1. Hi dear :)

      Facials are important because they are occasional treatments to cleanse off the many-years-long dirt accumulated on our skin. I doubt these dirt can be easily cleansed off with our cleanser. Imagine 1% of the dirt remains on our face every day. Do the math and picture how much dirt is being accumulated on our skin? :(

      Nonetheless, to be very honest with you, I have to agree facials are expensive and can be deemed as a luxury. But just cause it's a luxury, the more you should pamper yourself occasionally! Nobody ask you to go everyday, and you're definitely not advised to also!

      And lastly, effectiveness.
      The moment after the facial, my skin was really supple and soft. It maintained for quite some time and the black heads was tremendously reduced. I guess it depends on what would you like to achieve and thus there are different facials for them!

      DRx Essential Facial Plus (I shall skip the explanation, you can read the post) aims to achieve one thing - cleanse. Remove the dead skin cells, cleanse and remove the black heads, I felt that my skin was really cleaned (and thus smooth!). So if you ask if it helps, it sure does.

      You did see the yucky photo of the blackheads extracted right? How to not say it's not effective!! Haha :)

      Hope my answer helps :)


    2. This treatment is 200+. I was sponsored :)
      You can check out DRx clinic website or their facebook page to know the details!!

    3. How to not say it's effective*


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