Brunch at Group Therapy - Best smoked salmon here

This won't be really much of a food review, but a very light-hearted post to share you a ve...

This won't be really much of a food review, but a very light-hearted post to share you a very well-hidden brunch place at Tanjong Pagar. I'll let most of the photos do the talking by the way. Because I'm flying to bangkok again tomorrow!! Yay. 

Some quirky and cute door knob that leads you to a relaxing cafe.

It was a saturday afternoon and the place was reasonably packed. I didn't really called for reservation because they simply do not take reservation. But they do help you reserve the seats if you call like half an hour earlier, which was what I did. 

Initially, they allocated my friend and I a couple seat facing the wall. How emotional and depressing it is. There was no sunlight at all and immediately my concern is the photo quality. So I requested a change of seat. 

Caramel Cappuccino $6.50 

I do not usually order a drink to pair it with my mains. But I do have a craving that noon and I wanted to try one of their recommendation. 

I must say, the caramel cappuccino was pretty good. The sweetness hit the spot so well - neither too sweet nor bland. The only downside about it was the simple latte art. But it's okay, a big heart shape is cool! I love it everytime I take a sip of the Cappuccino. The sweet caramel taste coffee make its way through the thick layer of milk foam. 

Caramel Cappuccino $6.50 

Hot Chocolate with Dark Cocoa S$7
My friend ordered the hot chocolate and it was mediocre. Nothing special about it. 
I do like the presentation of the drink though. Love how the chocolate shavings settle in the pool of milk foam. 

Hot Chocolate with Dark Cocoa S$7

Yea that's me at work

Poached eggs on Thick Toast with Smoked Salmon S$15

Poached eggs on Thick Toast with Smoked Salmon S$15
I think the price itself is quite reasonable, especially when it comes with a generous serving of thick (really thick and savory) smoked salmon coated underneath a blanket of hollandaise sauce. I find myself very addicted to the hollandaise sauce. This is really one of the best smoked salmon with poached eggs and it's the only one I would return for, because I really really detest egg yolk. If not for the hollandaise sauce, I'll just shove the egg yolks aside. 

Sorry, some egg-yolk-detestor here. 

Chicken and Mushroom Pie S$14
The pie on the other hand was definitely not as satisfying as the smoked salmon toast. 
I guess pies aren't really Group Therapy's specialities so do not expect much. The crust may be crumbly but not fantastic. I don't even want to mention about the fillings inside. 

The pie comes with a side of greens 

It was such a wonderful and lazy afternoon~~ 
I enjoyed my smoked salmon so much. 

Turn right when you reach this zebra crossing 

Walk straight up and Group Therapy is just at the right side. 

Group Therapy
49 Duxton Road 
+65 6222 2554 


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